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Best Sweat Shirts Manufacturers and Exporters to Choose in 2024

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Bari Impex
Sportswear Manufacturer
Near Happy Valley Kotla Ambanwala Road Sialkot.

Bari Impex stands as a prominent sports clothing brand, delivering a versatile selection of activewear, gym wear, and sportswear designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. Our commitment lies in empowering your active lifestyle with premium apparel. Whether you're hitting the gym, partaking in sports, or pursuing various fitness activities, Bari Impex offers a comprehensive range of stylish and high-performance clothing, ensuring your comfort and confidence. Elevate your athletic journey with our blend of functionality, fashion, and quality. Choose Bari Impex for a seamless fusion of style and superior sportswear, supporting your fitness aspirations.

Mahdi Galaxy Enterprises
To help all athletes

Mahdi Galaxy Sports Wear is more than just a sports brand—it symbolizes achieving your goals. Moody Empire is committed to helping athletes succeed by offering top-tier training gear. Founded in 2003, we started with cutting-edge training shorts designed for high-intensity sports like MMA and wrestling. Today, our Fightwear products are synonymous with quality for athletes who embrace rigorous training. We collaborate with world-class athletes to create gear that exceeds their needs. Our proprietary fabrics and innovative features, like the Double-Grip closure system, provide unrivaled performance. Athletes from all walks of life trust Mahdi Galaxy Sports Wear to help them reach their goals.

Self Industry
Sportswear Manufacturer
New abadi sunyara wala pul sialkot

Welcome to the world of self industry, where we stand tall as established manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch sports apparel. Embracing excellence, our high-standard clothing collection comes at remarkably competitive prices. From performance-driven activewear to trendy sportswear, we cater to every athletic need. Tailoring to your desires, we customize and manufacture a diverse range of clothing to your exact specifications. Our passion for quality ensures you experience unrivaled comfort and durability in every garment. With us, you'll find the perfect balance of style, functionality, and affordability. Elevate your sporting journey with our exceptional self industry offerings.

Vice Vers Sports
Custom Sportswear Manufacturer
pakpura, sialkot,

Vice Vers Sports Sportswear Is A Flourishing Brand In The Market For Providing World-Class Sports Pieces Of Equipment And Sportswear. We Are One Of The Most Efficient Sublimated Sports Uniform Manufacturers, Suppliers, And Exporters From Pakistan. Apart From This, We Provide A Customization Facility For All Types Of Sports Uniforms. For further details, reach out via email or phone.

2.5 KM Raiwind Chunian Road Raiwind, Lahore.

Irongear, a Pakistan-based fitness brand, was established in 2019 by Salman Zafar and a team of athletes. From humble beginnings in a garage, it has rapidly grown into a highly recognizable and fast-growing brand in the fitness industry. Irongears success stems from its dedication to creating innovative and high-performance apparel, building a strong online presence, and unwavering commitment to its vision. For more information contact us through email and phone no.

Fit Style Industry
Comfort and style guaranteed
Haji Pura Road, Sialkot.

fit style industry located in Sialkot Pakistan. We Are Working With Good Brands From All Over The World. We Are a Leading Manufacturer Of Sports wear, Casual wear And Fitness Wear. We Of Are An Innovative Company Providing Manufacturing Services To Clients Around The World. We Are Making Our Garments From Different Types Of Leather Such As Cow, Sheep, Goat, Buffalo And Kangaroo Leather. Our Textile Garments Also Made By Variety Of Textile Such As Cotton Cotton Polyester Cordura Quality Fabric. We Have Our Own Embroidery Machines Here And We Have Our Own Sublimation Setup Here And We Have Our Own Stitching Unit Here And We Have Our Own Tannery Division Here.

Bicob Industries
Best Quality Casual Wears
Defense road, Akbarabad sialkot.

Bicob Industries, renowned for manufacturing and exporting sports apparel and weightlifting equipment, invites you to join our esteemed network of global importers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. Specializing in sports uniforms, tracksuits, hoodies, T-shirts, and weightlifting belts, we operate a large-scale production facility capable of meeting bulk order demands within stipulated delivery schedules. Our products meet rigorous international quality standards and are designed to perform optimally in real-world conditions, aligning with scientific principles. Trust Bicob Industries for top-tier sports gear and weightlifting equipment that excels in both quality and performance.

Jatson Impex
Clothing supplier in Pakistan
Daska Road, Sialkot.

Jatson Impex Sialkot is a reputable player in the international trading scene, based in the thriving industrial city of Sialkot, Pakistan. Specializing in sports and leather goods, they offer a diverse range of high-quality products crafted with precision and care. With an emphasis on innovation, Jatson Impex Sialkot combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to deliver exceptional goods that cater to global markets. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with Sialkot's industrial expertise, positions them as a reliable source for businesses seeking top-tier sports and leather products, all backed by a legacy of trust and proficiency. 

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or by phone.

P.O Box Gunnah Kalan T/D, Sialkot.

As a reputable exporter and manufacturer in Sialkot, Pakistan, Cordon Bleu Industry takes immense pride in crafting premium Fitness Wear, Fashion Wear, Street Wear, and Sports Wear. Our dedication to exceptional service has secured us a privileged position in the gym wear and street wear market.

With an extensive product range encompassing Karate Suits, Kimonos, Rash guards, Kids Corner, and Belts, we cater to diverse needs. Adhering to strict rules and regulations, our state-of-the-art sportswear unit utilizes cutting-edge machinery, ensuring a seamless chain system for efficient production. Additionally, our workwear unit in Sialkot boasts skilled professionals, dedicated to delivering top-quality apparel.

Join Cordon Bleu Industry and experience unparalleled style, comfort, and performance in every garment. Your fitness and fashion journey starts with us.

Credomex Traders
Support your Training Goals
Near Apna General Store Sialkot.

We are a professional manufacturing and exporting company specializing in Sportswear, Leisure Wear, Fitness Wear, and Fitness Gear. Our well-equipped and organized units in Sialkot enable us to produce an impressive quantity of 50,000 to 100,000 products per month in each unit. With a strict focus on quality control, our highly experienced staff in the garment industry ensures exceptional workmanship throughout our production line. Our products are primarily sold in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East. We are dedicated to providing fair and honest services to our esteemed clients. The recognition of our production for renowned high street brands worldwide attests to the quality of our craftsmanship. We aim to be your comprehensive source for all your needs.

Best Option for workout is Sweat Shirt 

Sweat shirts is the blessing of fashion world that see comfort before following any trend. You can wear sweatshirts while following any fitness routine. Sweat shirts make your outfit look simple yet elegant but it will not make you feel simple because of the fabric inside of sweat shirts are made up of fleece and to make softer it is brushed. Fleece is used as lining and the material is similar to wool. Sweatshirts are loose, oversized and never fitted.  They are consider as type of sweater but they are not used as sweater in fact they are opposite because you can wear sweat shirts during workout and exercise but you can’t wear sweeter until winter arrives. That’s the major difference between a sweatshirt and sweaters. Sweat shirts can be worn in summer some people consider sweat shirts as hoodies. Sweat shirts are made up of cotton and there is lining inside them to absorb the moisture from your body. They are used to cover your chest and arms so that it absorbs the moisture and you can work out without interruption.

When sweat shirts were created?

In 1926 a fotball player Benjamin Russell Jr inveneted sweatshirts. It was the idea to practice football while using cotton football jersey. The son of Benjamin Ruseel was tired of itchy jersey so  he swap it with the unifrom that are comfotbale to wear and bit cooler. He made the idea into reality and Ruseell athletic came into existence. As cotton is durable and comfortable it was used to make sweat shirts with icnoic crew neck. Its production was first started in 1930 in Russell athletic mills

How to wear sweat shirts?

Sweat shirts outfit are ideal for men and women. Considering sweat shirt as only workout garment is past thinking. Now they are also used as streat wear and casual wear as well. You can wear sweat shirts in different ways to ace sweat shirt fashion. You can wear a skirt with contrasting sweat shirt and pair of ankle shoes can stand out for brunch. If you are going with your friends you can wear sweat shirts with denim jeans and pair it with your favourite sneakers. Wearing a shirts and sweat shirts together is option for winter when a lot of layer can be worn. You can use different accessories like watch and sunglasses to add more glam.

Why sweat shirts are known as sweatshirts?

As sweat shirts also help you to keep warm as previously they are made up cotton jersey material. The origin of  word sweat came from the field. Sweat shirts are used today to provide comfortable wear to athletes that was the original purpose that is still served.


The best material for sweat shirts are that is durable soft and snuggly. So fabric like jersey and fleece are best as they are soft thick and warm. Below we describe some of the material option available in sweat shirts

Cotton-No doubt Cotton is considered as most common material used for making of garments Cotton sweat shirts are usually used for sport wear or casual wear. The cotton sweat shirts will keep your body dry even if you are doing intense workout. You will not feel exhausted during workout and they are quite comfortable to wear. Cotton offer best flexibility to the body as it is light in weight. Cotton fiber is mixed with other fiber like polyester as well.

Fleece- these sweat shirts are best for winter weather.  It is cuddly and soft fabric that is made up of wool and cotton. These sweat shirts are best for hiker who climb snowy mountains and hills. Another major advantage of using fleece sweat shirts is they don’t catch stains easily. Fleece fabric can be blend to other fabric to make it more durable.

How to measure the size of your sweat shirt?

First of all Lay down the garment on flat surface and  remove wrinkles. To measure sleeve length start measuring from shoulder joint to your wrist. Measure the length from your one shoulder to another shoulder. Measure the chest  by placing the tape close under your arms. To measure the front length start measuring from your shoulder to the hem line. For hem start measuring from one side to another side. For sleeve cuff from the widest point of wrist take measurement of circumference but always leave some space for jewelry and watches.

Price of Sweat shirts in Pakistan

There are number of types, materials, colors and styles of  sweatshirt so price of sweat shirts may varies the lowest price of t shirt in Pakistan is around 400 rupees and estimated average price is around 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees in Pakistan

Sweatshirts are considered as best outfit for your intense workout as it will absorbs the moisture from your body. Sweat shirts are never fitted they are lose and oversized. Concept of sweat shirts was introduced by Benjamin Russell and his son. Sweat shirts are ideal wear for men and women and they are available in multiple sizes they are made up of different materials. Each material has its advantage. For your ease and you convenience we have compiled Sweatshirts manufacturing companies.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan that offer Sweatshirts in multiple price ranges. There are many Sweatshirts dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealers according to your need, convenience and budget.