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Best T-Shirts Manufacturers and Exporters to Choose in 2024

Are you looking for t-shirts manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan? b2c.com.pk presents contact information, addresses & names of the best companies offering sports t shirts, custom t shirts, full sleeve t short,and  half sleeve t short near you. Discover nearby top t shirt exporters with b2c.com.pk extensive business listings directory and send an email inquiry or make a call to the best one.

Mahdi Galaxy Enterprises
To help all athletes

Mahdi Galaxy Sports Wear is more than just a sports brand—it symbolizes achieving your goals. Moody Empire is committed to helping athletes succeed by offering top-tier training gear. Founded in 2003, we started with cutting-edge training shorts designed for high-intensity sports like MMA and wrestling. Today, our Fightwear products are synonymous with quality for athletes who embrace rigorous training. We collaborate with world-class athletes to create gear that exceeds their needs. Our proprietary fabrics and innovative features, like the Double-Grip closure system, provide unrivaled performance. Athletes from all walks of life trust Mahdi Galaxy Sports Wear to help them reach their goals.

Batapore General Trading
Gear Up for Greatness
ugoki, RahimPur, Sialkot.

Batapore General Trading Company, headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, is a dynamic manufacturer and exporter with a legacy dating back to 2013. Renowned for its diverse product portfolio, the company specializes in crafting Outdoor & Indoor Sports equipment, Fashion apparel, and Leather goods. With a global footprint, Batapore GT Company has earned recognition as an industry leader. They pride themselves on delivering top-tier quality across sports gear, stylish fashion wear, and premium leather products. From sports enthusiasts to fashion aficionados, Batapore GT Company caters to a wide spectrum of clientele, consistently setting the bar for excellence in Sialkot's manufacturing landscape.

Bari Impex
Sportswear Manufacturer
Near Happy Valley Kotla Ambanwala Road Sialkot.

Bari Impex stands as a prominent sports clothing brand, delivering a versatile selection of activewear, gym wear, and sportswear designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. Our commitment lies in empowering your active lifestyle with premium apparel. Whether you're hitting the gym, partaking in sports, or pursuing various fitness activities, Bari Impex offers a comprehensive range of stylish and high-performance clothing, ensuring your comfort and confidence. Elevate your athletic journey with our blend of functionality, fashion, and quality. Choose Bari Impex for a seamless fusion of style and superior sportswear, supporting your fitness aspirations.

Bahlol International
Making your sporty vibe better
Khokhar Town, Shahab Pura, Sialkot.

Bahlol International, headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, stands as a premier clothing manufacturer. Leveraging strategically deployed machinery, the company specializes in crafting high-quality garments and sports goods. With a focus on precision and innovation, Bahlol International consistently delivers excellence in its production, catering to diverse market needs. Their strategic location and advanced manufacturing processes make them a trusted name in the industry, dedicated to providing top-tier products tailored to meet global standards and customer satisfaction.

Vice Vers Sports
Custom Sportswear Manufacturer
pakpura, sialkot,

Vice Vers Sports Sportswear Is A Flourishing Brand In The Market For Providing World-Class Sports Pieces Of Equipment And Sportswear. We Are One Of The Most Efficient Sublimated Sports Uniform Manufacturers, Suppliers, And Exporters From Pakistan. Apart From This, We Provide A Customization Facility For All Types Of Sports Uniforms. For further details, reach out via email or phone.

Bern Jodhpur Corps
Clothing Manufacturer in Pakistan
Main Kamanwala, Chaprar Road Sialkot.

Bern Jodhpur Corps a privately owned company since 2008, excels in crafting high-quality apparel. Our core values are integrity, honesty, and transparency, forming the foundation of our relationships with clients, staff, and partners. As supply-chain collaborators with major U.S. brands and retailers, we offer design and development capabilities through our in-house department. We tailor our services to meet your needs, whether it's overseeing the entire process, from design to logistics, or filling specific gaps in your workflow. Our growth from a 5,000 sqft space in 2008 to a 50,000 sqft advanced stitching unit showcases our commitment to excellence in the industry.

Sociable Sports
Manufacturer and Exporters
Ali Town, Dhak Khana Damke Cheema, Motra Tehsil Daska, District Sialkot.

Sociable Sports is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality wears. With our continuous dedication to innovation, we have expanded our product range to include a wide variety of offerings. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver products of the highest standards without compromising on quality. At Sociable Sports, we prioritize customer satisfaction and value any patents held by our clients for specific designs. We respect and honor these patents, manufacturing the designated designs exclusively for the respective customers. With competitive pricing and unwavering focus on customer needs, Sociable Sports is your reliable partner for premium wears and customized solutions.

Self Industry
Sportswear Manufacturer
New abadi sunyara wala pul sialkot

Welcome to the world of self industry, where we stand tall as established manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch sports apparel. Embracing excellence, our high-standard clothing collection comes at remarkably competitive prices. From performance-driven activewear to trendy sportswear, we cater to every athletic need. Tailoring to your desires, we customize and manufacture a diverse range of clothing to your exact specifications. Our passion for quality ensures you experience unrivaled comfort and durability in every garment. With us, you'll find the perfect balance of style, functionality, and affordability. Elevate your sporting journey with our exceptional self industry offerings.

Fine Sports
Manufacturer and Exporter of Sportswear
Aimanabad Road, Ghattororra Sialkot.

Sialkot, Pakistan, is renowned worldwide for its fine sports manufacturing industry. With a heritage dating back over a century, the city has earned a stellar reputation for crafting top-quality sports equipment and apparel. From cricket bats to footballs, and gloves to sportswear, Sialkot's skilled artisans combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to produce products that meet the highest international standards. The city's commitment to excellence has made it a preferred choice for athletes, teams, and sports enthusiasts around the globe. With its rich history and unwavering dedication to producing fine sports equipment, Sialkot continues to be a leading hub for sports manufacturing.

Euro Fit Clothing
Exclusive Clothing Manufacturers
Haji Pura Bun, Near Makkih Masjid, Sialkot.

Euro Fit Clothing specializes in crafting and exporting an array of high-quality attire, ranging from Street Clothing to Sports Clothing, as well as Leather Clothing and Equipment. Our expertise lies in manufacturing and exporting these diverse apparel and gear selections worldwide. For further details, please reach out to us via email or by contacting our team directly. We're here to assist you.

Normal Day Wear: T-Shirts

T- Shirts are used as mass apparel and can be used as outwear or underwear and they are quite durable. After the creation of t-shirts in 1920 they are evolved to the dollar market of 2 billion. They are available in multiple colors patterns, colors and styles like V neck shape or standard crew neck or scoop necks. T-shirts have long short yoked or capped sleeves the additional of t shorts are decorative trim or different style of pockets. On T- shirt you can also display your own interest by customizing your design, taste or affiliation logo through screen print. The printed shirts include political slogan, or printing of their favorite celebrity or places. They are also used as inexpensive promotional products for certain events. T shirts are also available in multiple sizes from infants to senior citizens. Small medium large and X-large are adult sizes of T shirts. For infants the sizes depend on their weight and month. For children who head sizes are larger than their bodies there are special shirts designed for them that has button on the side of shoulder opening.

Raw materials

Mostly T shirts are made up of cotton polyester or blend of cotton and polyester. Some manufactures use natural cotton and natural dyes.  For making of stretchable t shirt they use knit fabrics like interlock rib knits, rib knits and jersey knit. Jersey knit are inexpensive versatile and comfortable that is frequently used. Rub knots are used when comfy fit is required. Interlock rib knits are used to make high quality t- shirts. There are different types and colors of thread are used for sewing of single t-shirts. Some manufacture used white thread for seams on all t shirt regardless the color of shirt. For stitching the color of t shirt should match the thread.

Manufacturing of T-shirts

Making of T shirt is very simple and mostly automated processes there are special machines that do cutting assembling and stitching. Styling and size difference of t shirts is based upon on the preference of stylistic. Cutting is done to cut different dimension like separate front back section pocket and Sleeves. After cutting the front and back of t shirts is stitched together. The hem of sleeve is done before they fit into the garment. Automatic system is used for sewing of sleeves. Later on pocket are sewn on t shirts that are used for casual wear. Shoulder seam is done before or after the neckband. Neckband are attached they should be stretched in the right amount to avoid bulging. If neck line is properly done it gives a comfy feel. Lastly label are attach at the back to know a brief informational about size, washing and ironing instructions. For some shirts you can also customized designs for decorative purpose and for infant they used opening of button on side of shoulder. After everything is done the shirts go through the inspection process. For high quality use they use steam tunnels to press them before packaging.

Why to wear and why not to wear t shirts?

T shirts are worn because they are less expensive easy to wear and quite convenient for everyone rather than using dress shirt. But people considered as cheap and not stylish to wear on different occasion. T shirts make your body look imperfect. It has been seen that it gave a asymmetric look to the one who is wearing t shirts. T shirts make you look less attractive than dress shirts. T shirts can be used option when you are working in your back yard or going to gym workout. You can also use them when going to club to enjoy with friends but t shirt are not great option when going for official meetings.

Size of T shirts

You need to take measurement of 4 areas when going to select the t-shirts that are neck, chest waist and sleeve. You can use soft measuring tape for taking measurement of your body part. Taking right measurement of neck is very important while buying t shirts for neck measurement wrap the tape around your throat and then slide one or two figure into the measuring tape and take that measurement as you need some space to breathe when collar is buttoned. To take right measurement of sleeve you should measure from where you neck intersect your shoulders and run tape down toward your wrist. For measuring of chest you should wrap the tape around your chest and back side. It is best to take small breathe in for getting fit measuring. To measure the waist of your t shirt you should stand naturally and measure it from one inch below from your belly button.

Taking measurement on your own is quite difficult so you can also measure through your best fitting shirt that is already in your closet. For measuring the collar from previous t shirt you should first spread the collar flat and then measure it from middle of button hole to the center of collar button. For measurement of chest first close the button of shirt and then lay it flat. Measure it from one edge to another below the armpit and double the number of it. Measure the length of waist from the narrow point and for measurement of sleeve starts it from top of shoulder to edge of cuff.

Price of T shirts in Pakistan

There are number of types, material, color and style of t shirt so price of t shirts may varies the lowest price of t shirt in Pakistan is around 300 rupees and estimated average price is around 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees in Pakistan

T shirt are one of the most simple, durable and inexpensive wear. T- Shirts are usually made of polyester and cotton or made with blend of both. T- shirts are not best wear for official meeting rather you can casually wear it for home or for any friends meet up. For your ease and you convenience we have compiled T- shirts manufacturing companies.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan that offer T shirts in multiple price ranges. There are many T shirts dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealers according to your need, convenience and budget.