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Plot No. 829-C, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi.

Himalayan Travels is a leading travel agency located at PECHS in Karachi and facilitating tourist to see Pakistan and round the globe since 1984. We offer different tour packages, sold at certain lowest prices often 25% to 50% less than that of comparable high quality with an edge in best services. Apart from tour services we are also offering visa assistance, ticketing, and hotel booking services. Our team is very well trained and by virtue of rich experience, which they gained over the years by serving the needs of international expeditions. We enjoy long list of satisfied clients and wish to make new friends and collaborators in the times to come.

Bahaar Journeys
A top-rated travel and tour company
Main Boulevard , Johar Town, Lahore.

Bahaar Journeys is a premier travel agency offering international and domestic tours, including exhibitions, business trips, holidays, conferences, group tours, hajj, and Umrah. We provide fast visa processing, affordable air tickets, luxurious accommodation, and comprehensive travel insurance. With tailored packages and top-notch transportation options, we ensure your every trip is a delightful experience. Trust us for quick planning and high-quality tours worldwide. Our commitment to excellent service remains unchanged, making your satisfaction our top priority. Discover the world with Bahaar Journeys - your ultimate choice for hassle-free and memorable travel experiences.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or reach out to us at our phone number: +92 42 35137239. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries, bookings, or personalized travel arrangements. We look forward to helping you plan your dream journey with Bahaar Journeys.

ZA Tower, Al-Murtaza Commercial Lane 3, Phase 8, DHA, Karachi.
Deluxe Holidays is located in DHA Phase 8, Karachi. Established in October 2014, Deluxe Holidays specializes in providing domestic private tours, international group tours, and Umrah packages.
Bukhari Tours (Pvt) Ltd.
Travel Solutions Behond Need
Khayaban-e-Jami, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi Pakistan.

The Bukhari Travels started its travel agency business in 1973 and now its head office is located at Sarwar Shaheed Road in Karachi. The Bukhari Group has been working with a workforce of over 2,000 people from 15 cities in the country and abroad. We are providing worldwide tour service to all major travel destinations around the world. Our other services include air ticketing, visa services, hotel reservation, and rent a car. We have been providing services for a wide range of travel and tourism needs for many years. Excellent quality of service and complete satisfaction of our valued clients is our core values ??that make us stand out. For further information please send us your message or call us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Askari Travel and Tours
IATA Approved Travel Agency
Ground Floor, State Life Building No? 9 Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad Pakistan.

Askari Travels & Tours was established in 1982 and based in Islamabad. Askari Travel plans custom trips for small groups of travelers around the globe. Our travel agency services include flights reservation, airline tickets, travel insurance, hotel reservation system, visa services, umrah and Hajj. All our rates are competitive prices. We provide a satisfying and organized system to our customers during the journey. Our plans are available at very standard rates, with a distinct experience, superior services, reasonable packages and 24/7 service. Our staff is well advised and experienced in client care and will be able to deliver services to your satisfaction at the most reasonable rates. Please contact us or visit our website for further information about our services.

Waqas Travel
Cheap Umrah Packages from Rawalpindi
Office# 8, Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi.

Waqas Travel is providing umrah services since 1985. We have all types of umrah packages like economical, 3star, & 4star etc. For further please call or send us an email.

Travel Channel Intl. (Pvt.) Limited
Economical Umra Packages 2014
Office No. 6, Shahid Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Travel Channel is providing umrah travel services throughout the Pakistan. We can design umra packages as per your budget. We have professional trained staff to guide you how to perform umrah?
Pioneer Umrah Service Provider
Suite #210, 2nd Floor, Marine Point, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi.
Karwan-al-Madina founded in 1996 and the pioneer in Umrah Services provider in Pakistan. The company has earned a distinct reputation in the country for providing the highest level of services to the guests of Allah by providing best packages for umrah.
Riaz Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd.
Umrah Travel Packages 2014
Room # 13, G/Floor, Trade Tower, Abdullah Haroon Road, Civil Lines, Karachi.
Riaz Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd. is providing complete services to perform umrah. We have economy packages, economy plus, standerd and diamond package to perform umrah.
Global Hajj and Umrah Services (Pvt) Ltd.
2014 Umrah Packages from Lahore
1st Floor, Latif Center, Main Bluevard, Gulbarg, Lahore.

Global Umrah Services is a well reputed company based in Lahore providng affordable umrah packages for 2014 and training programs for umrah.

All you want to know about umrah packages and umrah agent in Pakistan

You need to carry your pass port and pack your bags to go for holy journey of life time. No matter from which city you belong and what your budget is the Umrah agent make sure to provide you umrah package in that range. In Pakistan the Umrah packages consist of your visa, hotel accommodation transportation for visiting holy site that are Makkah and Madina, ticket price and food is provided on your request and need. There are different types of umrah packages for people residing all around Pakistan. There are many umrah packages that are for various days from 7 day to 28 days package you can choose the one that suits you best. Choose the best package that meet your convenience budget and meet your family number. On this holy journey everyone should choose an umrah package that is convenient and comfortable for you. There are many travel agents that are specifically working as umrah travel agents in Pakistan choose the company that promise to provide comfort, easy access, competent and experience in umrah travel services.

There are different umrah package on basis of day from 4, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 days package. They are divided on the basis of day you want to stay and budget. There are 3 star 4 start and 5 star packages. 3 star umrah packages not have luxury and shimmery feel but it will  provide comfortable environment for your journey. All the basic necessities are included in this package and this package is quite budget friendly. 4 star umrah packages are not enough if you want moderate living with all good amenities. These packages are in modest budget. This package is best for people visiting in families. The 5 star packages give a luxury royal feel. It is one of the best option for pilgrims you will get all amenities and complimentary breakfast option and travelling facility from hotel to makkah or madina

Cost of Umrah package in Pakistan

From anywhere in Pakistan  the ticket price cost around  Rs.  195000, for Lahore ticket price is 199000 for Islamabad the ticket price is Rs198000 and for Karachi the ticket price is RS189000 For 10 days umrah package for Lahore Islamabad Karachi and Islamabad.  For double room sharing the ecocnomy package is around 95000 for economy class 105,500 for 3 star it is 127000 for 4 star it is 153000 and for 5 star it is 197000 for triple room sharing the shuttle price is 87000. The economy package is 93000 for 3 star package it is 108000 for 4 star 128000 and for 5 star 161500. For quad room sharing the shuttle price is 83500. The economy package is 87800 for 3 star package it is 98000 for 4 star 116000 and for 5 star 144500. For quint room sharing the shuttle price is 80500. The economy package is 84800 in riyal.

For 14 to 15 days for double room sharing the shuttle price is 107000. The economy package is 121000 for 3 star package it is 152000 for 4 star 190000 and for 5 star 247000. For triple room sharing the shuttle price is 96000. The economy package is 105000 for 3 star package it is 125000 for 4 star 154000 and for 5 star 198000. For quad room sharing the shuttle price is 83500. The economy package is 96000 for 3 star package it is 111500 for 4 star 135000 and for 5 star 174000. For quint room sharing the shuttle price is 87000. The economy package is 94500 in riyal.

For 21 days package for double room sharing the shuttle price is 125000. The economy package is 143000 for 3 star package it is 186000 for 4 star 240000 and for 5 star 326000. For triple room sharing the shuttle price is 108000. The economy package is 120000 for 3 star package it is 149000 for 4 star 188500 and for 5 star 256000. For quad room sharing the shuttle price is 100000. The economy package is 108500 for 3 star package it is 130000 for 4 star 163000 and for 5 star 221500. For quint room sharing the shuttle price is 95700. The economy package is 107,000 in riyal.

For 28 days umrah package for double room sharing the shuttle price is 145000. The economy package is 170000 for 3 star package it is 230000 for 4 star 301000 and for 5 star 416000. For triple room sharing the shuttle price is 122000. The economy package is 140000 for 3 star package it is 177500 for 4 star 232000 and for 5 star 322000. For quad room sharing the shuttle price is 111000. The economy package is 122000 for 3 star package it is 152000 for 4 star 197000 and for 5 star 275000. For quint room sharing the shuttle price is 108500. The economy package is 120,000 in riyal.

Hotel distance in different umrah packages for Pakistanis

The shuttle hotel room distance is around 1100 to 1200 meter from Makkah that is covered via van. Madina distance is around 600 to 700 meter. For economy package. The economy plus package distance is around 500 to 600 meters from makkah. From madina the distance is around 200 to 300 meters. In 3 star umrah package distance of hotel is around 300 to 400 meter from makkah and 200 to 250 meter from madina. The 4 star umrah package distance of makkah hotel is around 200 to 300 meters and for madina it is around 150 to 200 meters. The 5 star umrah package distance of makkah hotel is around 50 to 100 meters and for madina it is around 50 to 100 meters.

The services included transport from airport to hotel and hotel to airport, visa fee and hotel reservation. Meals are not included in the package laundry or drink are not included insurance, liability and medication facility is not included.

How you can choose umrah travel agent?

You need to choose the right type of umrah travel agent to perform your umrah. There are certain guideline provided by ministry of hajj of kingdom of Saudi Arabia so you need to look it before booking your umrah package below we mentioned the certain criteria while choosing umrah travel agent.

  • Choose the registered agent that are registered with ministry of hajj of kingdom of Saudi Arabia as they are legalize to organize umrah and hajj trips
  • The registered agent will have 4 digit code with them that is issued by ministry. You can check whether agent is registered with ministry on the portal provided by them
  • The approved agent should know all rules and regulation set by the ministry for umrah and hajj trips.
  • If pilgrims are unsatisfied with the agent they can register the complaint with the ministry.
  • The following detail should be included in the sales contract of umrah and hajj pilgrims.
  • It must include dates of stay, flight class, any stop en route, name of airline and sea carriers.
  • Type of hotel, the distance of hotel from the holy places makkah and madina. The total duration of stay should be included in it.
  • Catering of visiting of scared site like arfat mina and clearly included whether food will be provided or not.
  • Clearly state what class and type of transportation facility will be provided.
  • The ministry also warn the people visiting holy place to don’t fall for fake agents that offer lower price packages.
  • You can check whether the agency is also registered by the country concerned.
  • Choose the experienced and knowledgeable umrah agent so if you face any uncertain situation they can help you.
  • You can ask agent whether they will provide the sim as it save your time to not weight for long in queue for sim registration.
  • Always check the testimonial and review of the specific umrah agent you are interested in

Things you need to see while booking umrah packages

You should keep these things in mind when choose umrah package to avoid issue later

Always see the umrah travel agency you are looking forward is either registered with ministry of hajj of Saudi Arabia or not. If they are not affiliated with them don’t opt them for your holy journey because the umrah travel agency that are affiliated with the ministry of hajj of Saudi Arabia will resolve your uncertain issue immediately.

Must know to the laws of umrah. There are certain rules and regulation that need to be followed by umrah pilgrims. So it is best to the research beforehand. When you have knowledge in hand you can enjoy your trip with any confusion and hesitation.

When choosing the umrah pack agency always check the expertize, hire well known, reputed and experience agency. Always check beforehand the umrah agent you are interested don’t have any record of bad conduct or theft. In this way there is less chance you waste your hard earned money. Always see what they are promising whether they are delivering the same. Umrah agent that has best previous record will offer you best package in your budget.

When choosing umrah package always take care of the transportation facility, accommodation and flight. As there are many different packages available. The best nearest hotel with air ticket of business class charges will be high but it will give you ease of access and comfort. Always confirm with your umrah agent about the flight they are providing and accommodation distance from the location.

Always take the advice of people that have already visited the holy place as they have already visited the place so they know each tiny detail that will be helpful for you. You can ask them about what umrah package and umrah travel agent they choose.

You can check the reviews on the travel agents website and can also look on social media platform to know about the agent reputation.


There are different umrah package on basis of day from 4, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 days package. They are divided on the basis of day you want to stay and the budget. There are 3 star 4 start and 5 star packages. In this article we discussed about, types of umrah packages in Pakistan, price of umrah packages in Pakistan,  how to choose umrah travel agent and  things you need to see while choosing best umrah packages in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed umrah packages in every city of Pakistan in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.