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Hifu Treatment in Jhelum | Cost and Clinics

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Afzal Hospital, Machine Mohalla No.3, Jhelum.
Dr Aftab Afzal Aesthetics is a premier skincare clinic located in Jhelum, renowned for providing an extensive array of top-notch aesthetic services. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on p ...

All you want to know about HIFU treatment in Jhelum

HIFU is the abbreviation of high intensity frequency ultra sound. It used ultrasound energy for skin tightening and lifting your skin there is no downtime and discomfort cause because of HIFU because needles and incision are involved during treatment.  HIFU target directly the deeper layer of your skin causing elastin production and collagen stimulation. If you use a pair of jeans multiple times it will stretch down and sag but if you put them in wash in heat it will tighten up again and come to its original shape. Same happen when you get a HIFU treatment on your skin. HIFU treatment is used to reduce double chin, face lift and improve turkey neck. As treatment target deeper layer your surgeon will pull back the layer when performing face lift treatment by using new collagen stimulation to get long term result of skin tightening. HIFU can be used all areas of your face and body usually people use it improve sagging of neck to lift their face and eliminate double chin so that they get more  youthful appearance. HIFU is most known for treating tumors. HIFU is consider as safe and effective treatment.

Benefits of using high-intensity focused ultrasound in Jhelum

From the past few years facelift gain popularity through HIFU treatment. This treatment has anesthetic benefits like wrinkle reduction, lifting your eyebrow cheeks and eyelids, tightening your sagging skin (turkey neck), tightening your décolletage, enhancing your jawline and provide texture to your skin. Studies showed that HIFU show a significant impact after 12 week on skin elasticity of lower abdomen cheeks and thighs.

HIFU Vs Facelift

There is less risk and cost of HIFU treatment than a surgical facelift but the result of treatment may not be long lasted but it is repeated procedure. the major differenc is seen after each procedure.

HIFU it is noninvasive and no incision is included in the treatment. There is no recovery time the risk are minimum like mild redness and swelling. Studies show that people feel improvement in skin lifting and appearance. You need to take few session for long term results.

Surgical procedure- this procedure is invasive and include incision to perform procedure. The recovery time is 2 to 4 weeks. The risk associated with treatment are infection, bleeding pain, hair loss scaring and blood clots. People say that they see improvement beyond their expectation.

Charges of HIFU in Jhelum

In Jhelum the cost of treatment varies on the number of session you will undergo, the area of treatment, the location and the experience of your experts. HIFU treatment in Jhelum cost  1 lakh to 3 lakh rupees. As it is cosmetic surgery it is not covered by insurance company.

During Treatment

During the HIFU procedure you may face slightly discomfort people described it as light sensation or tiny electric pulses. If you are little concerned about the pain you doctor may suggest you to take Tylenol or non-steroidal anti-flamatory drugs like ibuprofen before treatment after the procedure you may feel slight redness or swelling that will be reduced after few hours.

HIFU face procedure in Jhelum

Before the procedure you don’t require any special preparation you need to remove your skin and makeup products from the area that need treatment. Firstly, the physician clean the target area. Before starting the physician may apply the anesthesia cream. After that they apply ultrasound gel on treated area. The HIFU device is put against your skin.by using ultrasound view the doctor will adjust to right setting. Later on they deliver the ultrasound energy in short pulses for around 30 to 90 minutes after that device is removed. If some additional treatment is needed you can schedule it for your next treatment when ultrasound energy is used you may feel heat and tangling. Your doctor may suggest you certain pain medication if you feel pain. After the treatment you can go home and resume your duties after procedure.

Side Effects of HIFU treatment in Jhelum

HIFU is a safe treatment that is performed on trained and qualified professionals the best part about this treatment is that you can easily resume your duties immediately after procedure the redness or swelling will diminish. You may face light tingling sensation on treated area for few weeks. You may face numbness and bruising for few days.

Results of HIFU treatment in Jhelum

You will see the result of the treatment immediately after procedure but your fine line and facial contours will improved further in 8 week and in 12 week you will get tremendous results including some additional firming throughout 12 months.


HIFU is the abbreviation of high intensity frequency ultra sound. It used ultrasound energy for skin tightening and lifting your skin there is no downtime and discomfort cause because of HIFU because needles and incision are involved during treatment. In this article we discussed about, procedure of HIFU in Jhelum, price of HIFU in Jhelum, risk associated with HIFU treatment  in Jhelum and result of HIFU treatment  in Jhelum. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple HIFU treatment in every city of Jhelum that offer multiple HIFU treatment services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.