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Pakistan is blessed with most striking, beautiful, cultural, religious and historic places  from Lahore to Peshawar  that are must visit places by the local travellers and foreigners. But the Capital City of Pakistan, Islamabad take the honors of being the most attractive and astonishing city around the world. Islamabad is awarded with 2nd most beautiful city around the world. Islamabad breathtaking natural views, recreational spots, greenery, peace ambiance, contemporary eateries and attractive historic tall buildings enhancethe beauty of city that attract many travellers. Goal of every urban planner is to maintain the cultural heritage and enhances the beauty of the city as well. It is hard to achieve both but Capital city of Islamabad is blessed to have both beauty with best places to visit Islamabad historic places.

If you want to visit a city that has multiple option to visit than choosing Islamabad is the right option for you. You can plan multiple activities in the city ranging from sight viewing to amazing food tasting. Islamabad is not only famous for its sight viewing but it has top universities best schooling system, best hotels and health facilities. If you are planning to have a stay in the capital that is not also an issue you will have variety of hotel ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars according to your needs and budget. If you are culture and history freak than city of Islamabad has much more to offer you. Below are some of the best places to visit Islamabad if you are planning to spend your winter and summer vacations.

  1. Lok Versa - A Best Place to Visit Islamabad

It is one of  the best place that you need to visit if you are visiting capital city Islamabad. Lok Versa is museum located near to shakarparin road. The word lok versa means place of people heritage. Museum shows the essence of culture and heritage. Basically it is tribute to the cultureand heritage of Pakistan It consists of multiple buildings and also has outdoor museum. The door of the museum wasopened for general public in 1974. Museum is runwith collaboration of UNESCO for maintenance and to preserve artifacts

Beautiful and antique pottery pieces, religious statue, textile work of different culture, musical instrument and molds of leaders  are part of museum gallery. Museum also has resource library that has many book related to culture, tradition and folks. Outside garden of the museumhas nine galleries of Buddhist and Sufi shrines.  Annually museum also organize exhibition that show case of different products from traditional embroidered to bone work.

Opening timing and ticket Price

On Monday it is closed. From Tue to Sun it opens at 10 am and closed at 8 pm and ticket price is 250 rupees.

  1. Pakistan Monument- Famous Place to Visit Islamabad


It is located on the western side of shakarparian hills. It is just 5 min drive from Lok Versa to the Monument you can visit on the same day.  National Monument was created as closed petal of flower.  The pointed top of the petal towards the sky look like the players before the match embrace each other. This place represent that people of Pakistan are united as one nation.

The construction of petals resembles the tradition Mughal emperor’s style. Each Petal represents the Pakistan Provinces that are Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Three small petal that are in between big petal represents territories of Gilgit Baltistan , Azad Kahsmir, and other tribal areas controlled by government.  There is wax museum in front of the Monument from where you can gain a lotof knowledge about history. It will hardly take 20 minutes to get through the museum.

Opening timing and ticket Price

On Monday it is closed. From Tue to Sun it opens at 10 am and closed at 8 pm and ticket price is 20 rupees.

  1. Faisal Mosque - Most Visited Place in Islamabad

Faisal Masjid has been considered as one of the iconic structure and famousplace to visit in Islamabad by the travel photographers because of its design. It surface area is above 5000 square meters located in the foothills of Margalla. Mosque is used for worshipping purpose by MuslimsFaisal Masjid has an honor of an Asian largest mosque that has the capacity to cater quarter million worshipers to pray on one time and was gifted by King of Saudia Arabia, Shah Faisal.

Most of the mosques shaped like dome but it look like desert-Bedouin’stent. On each corner of the mosque there is towering spires. Near the prayer hall there is library, lecture hall, café and a restaurant as well.

Opening timing and ticket Price

It is opened for 24 hours and 7 days.  No ticket is needed.

  1. Saidpur Village - Historical Place to Visit Islamabad

If you want to take break from glittery malls and want to experience real world feel than saidrpur village is your musta visit place that lies in the foundation of Marghalla hills. To experience the village life in the 21st century saidpur village is great place. Not just you will experience village life but you can  also visit  Sikh gurduwara and Hindu temples. You can freely roam here and there to enjoy simple lifestyle of town. Children will welcome you and residents usually play sitaars. Previously it was  Hindu Village  and worshipper from different area come here to worship. It is mainly famous for its pottery.

Government has renovated the area and turned it into a modern village where you will find some best restaurants like Des Pardesand Dera Pakhtoon and also music at night that is perfect combination to enjoy cultural vibes

Opening timing and ticket Price

Opened for all 7 days timings are 10 am to 11:3O pm. No ticket price.

  1. Margalla Hills and Daman-e-Koh - Natural Place to Visit Islamabad

If you love nature than Margalla Hills is best place for you to visit. It is considered as one the best destination for local and foreigners tourist. Hilly and forestry land of Margalla range leads you towards the Himalaya Mountainsthat are quite visible around the capital city Islamabad. There are multiple treks, restaurant and viewpoint available for tourist to make it a fancy visit.

Walking through trials you may came across some of wild life like monkeys, rare and exotic bird’s red fox and Asian paradise flycatcher. You must drive or hike upto the middle of the mountain known as Daman-e-Koh to have a panoramic view of the Capital, Islamabad. The view from the top is eye-catching and picturesque.

Opening timing and ticket Price

Margalla hill are Opened for 7 days in a week. No ticket price.

  1. Shah Alla Diita Caves - Historical Place to Visit Islamabad

As some people love to visit haunted places and shah alladita is one of them located in the city of Islamabad.If you want to visit historic place that too not into the museum some outdoor place than consider this place .It is historical place that should not be missed present at the foothills of MarghallaMountains. It is said that the village that is near to the cave dated back 700 years ago which act as route for connecting Gandharan Cityand Kabul. Historian claims that caves are 2400 years old.  The place is considered to use as meditation by Buddhist monks. Caves also have some relics of buddhist Aurangzeb and Hindu time period.

Recently the place is renovated and turned into nice cozy environment where visitors can enjoy snacks and tea with music.

Opening timing and ticket Price

It is opened for 24 hours and 7 days.  No ticket is needed.

  1. Centaurus - Famous Shopping Mall 

Vacations seemto incomplete without shopping it is one of the biggest and best shopping mall of Islamabad for sight viewing and shopping.  It is located at F8/4 Jinnah avenue.  Mall has a huge variety of local  and international  brands and humongous food court. Malls has covered need of every age it also has a play area for children and one of best cinema of Islamabad city  is also available here. You can enjoy food at top restaurant likeManolo Gelato and Johnny Rockets and there are many variety of shopping items like jewelry, watches, electronic items, fashion items and many home furnishing equipment’s as well .

Opening timing and ticket Price

From Sunday to Thursday you can visit at 11 am to 11 pm and fro Friday to Saturday you can visit at 11 am to 12am. There is no entry ticket for families.

  1. Islamabad Club - Beautiful Place to Visit in Islamabad

If you are planning to take a rest and want some recreation activities than Islamabad Club is the best option for you. If you are planning to stay for long in the capital than opting for the membership of the Club will be beneficial for you so, you could enjoy leisure activities and facilities like swimming, gym, tennis and book reading in the library. Buffet is also offered that has Pakistan and continental food options as well.Thereare luxurious suites like hotels that are available for your stay. It is considered as elite class hangout place like for foreign diplomats and high government officials. Citizens above 18 years are only eligible for membership of the Club. Member children can also enjoy membership until they reach the age of 26. Membership fee for individual is around 1.5 million and for government official it is around 300,000

Opening timing and ticket Price

 It is opened for 7 days and visiting time is 7 am to 11 pm. Ticket price is 200 rs on first come first serve basis.

  1. Monal - Best Place to Eat in Islamabad

If you are travelling and face hunger kicks no need to worry capital city has best restaurant to cater your appetite. As previously I mentioned Margalla hills and daman-e-kohfrom there you can hike or drive upto one of the famous food restaurant Monal.  It is located 9km frompirSohwa road.It has been ranked as one of the best restaurant in the city of Islamabad. Restaurant covers variety of food ranges but there specialty is seekh kebabs and south asian biryani.  Apart from food many people visit this place also because of the stunning view.

Opening timing

It is opened 7 days visiting timings start from 9am to 12:30pm. 


  1. Trial 5 - Best Place to Enjoy in Islamabad

People who love outdoor trips and finding a good hiking place Trek 5 is the best option to visit in Islamabad. It is best and most popular Trek to indulge in nature when you have a day off or having vacations. Trek is also famous with another name known as DaraJanglan.  Trek is comparatively more famous than other treks because it is easier than other trek in Islamabad and it is suitable for people of all ages.

Trek starting point is from Margalla hills   approximately you need 2 to 3 hours to finish the trek but it also depends on the speed of hiker. A personal recommendation would be that take small breaks to have a look of beautiful surroundings. It is 5km trek but initially 1.8km is quite straight no steeps. After 3 km there is small water stream and stop point. If you want to complete the full trek do carry water bottle and some snack with you to boost your energy.

Opening timing and ticket Price

 It is opened for 7 days and visiting time is 5 am to 7 pm.  It is free of cost no ticket price is charged