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10 Best Fan Manufacturers and Exporters in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Professional Manufacturer of Quality Fans
Rafiqabad, G.T. Road, Gujrat.
Royal Fans is located in Gujrat, Pakistan. We are the exporter of best quality fans from Pakistan. Our target market to export Pakistani fans are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, UK & Midd ...
Best Fan Exporters of Pakistan
G.T. Road, Gujrat.
Pak Fans is based in Gujrat, Pakistan. Pak Fans is one of leading fans exporter in Pakistan. We are ISO-9002 certified fans exporter company. We are exporting high quality fans to Mi ...
Supplier of Curcumatic Fans
FL-42, Block-B, Rashid Minhas Road, Karachi.
Maple Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. is based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Maple Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. is the importer and distributor of quality curcumatic fans in Pakistan. We have different designs of circo fans ...
Professional Manufacturer of Bracket Fans
Ark Chowk, Khokharki. Sialkot Road, Gujranwala.
ARK Electrical Industry is based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. ARK Electrical Industry was established in 1980. ARK Electrical Industry has become a reliable name in the field of manufacturing export qu ...
Pedestal Fan Distributor & Supplier
14 - B, S.I.E., G.T. Road, Gujrat.
Ehsan Fans (Sarfraz Iftikhar Electric Industries) is located in Gujrat, Pakistan. We are making Electric Fans since 1968. We have receive export trophy from Pakistan electric fan manufacturing asso ...
professional Manufacturer of Fans
Sheikhupura Road, Gala Bakar Mandi,Gujranwala.
Morven Fans is located in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Morven Fans company was established in 1984. Morven Fan company is produceing excellent quality pedestal fans by useing the most modern/high tech mac ...
Manufacturer & Supplier of Exhaust Fans
G. T. Road, Gujrat.
Noor Engineering Company is located in Gujrat, Pakistan. Noor Engineering Company was formed in 1970 as a small manufacturing unit of electric fans. Noor fans are manufacturing best quality exhaust ...
Manufacturer of Quality Ceiling Fans
183/C, Small Industrial State, Gujrat.
Starco Fans company is based in Gujrat, Pakistan. Starco Fans company was established in 1987. U.I Industries is proficiently engaged in manufacturing and delivering a wide range of reliable, durab ...
Mist Fan Manufacturers & Supplier
G.T Road, Gujrat.
Khurshid Fans is located in Gujrat, Pakistan. Khurshid Fans is a prominent name among the leading manufacturers and exporters of Mist Fans. Khursheed Fan is ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified c ...
Best Design Ceiling Fan Manufacturers
32-B S.I.E. G.T. Road,Gujrat.
Tamoor Fans Co. is based in Gujrat, Pakistan. Tamoor Fans Co. manufacturer excelled quality products Using the most modern high technical machinery to produce quality ceiling fans which are durable ...

All you want to know about the  fan while buying fans from fan manufacturers in Pakistan

Fan used low pressure air pumps. It utilize the power from a motor to give volumetric air flow in given pressure. The fan motor has capacitor AC, induction motors or Dc motors. The air flow devices are either a fan or blower. The main difference between fan and blowers is the flow and pressure of it. Fan deliver the air in all direction and they are design in a way that deliver high flow of air but they work against the pressure. The blower’s air is deliver in perpendicular to the blower axis and the air flow rate is low. There are many types of fans the most common are tube axial, propeller and vane axial styles. The propeller fans are simple and consist of propeller and motor. A tube axial fans are similar or propeller fans but they also have venture to reduce the vortices. The vane axial fans consist of trail bend the propeller. When you need to select the fan estimate the required air flow, estimate the actual air flow, and consider multiple fan option available with fan manufacture in Pakistan

How do you know that you choose the right type of fan?

When choosing the fan from fan manufactures in Pakistan you should have proper fan expert with you because right type of fan for your home and office is bit complicated to choose from. There are multiple options available in the market. You can see these things to see whether this type of fan is appropriate for your home or office

Material handled through the fan- if the exhaust air has smoke or dust in small quantity it choose axial fan backward inclined centrifugal fans. If the exhaust air has light dust moisture choose a radial centrifugal or backward inclined fans. If in exhaust there is particulate load is high choose a radial centrifugal fan. If the exhaust air has fame material choose spark resistant material. If the exhaust air has corrosive containment choose a fan that has special material or protective coat around it. Fans that need to handle high temperature the fan should be made with such material that it can bear the high temperature.

Capacity and physical limitations-as a general buyer we don’t know exactly about the air moved by the fan the amount of resistance in exhaust air and fan efficiency so below are some general information that help you. You should determine the need of fan in your home through the performance requirement you should also see fan weight and maintenance ease. The packed motor is mounted by the manufacture while large unit motor is mounted separately. There are direct dive fan that offer constant fan speed. The belt drive fan are flexible you can make adjustment in fan speed. There are custom in fan selection that can supply the air flow that you needed.

Safety-there should be safety guards for dangerous point of inlet, drive, clean outdoor and outlet. Make sure that manufacture have constructed the fan you need properly according to regulation and safety requirement set by the government of Pakistan

Factors that affect fan performance

Some of the most common components that effects the performance of fans are

Bearing- the bearing in the fans are considered to be problematic when there is loose fan belts vibration overly tighten up, improper lubrication and uneven load on fan blades it effect the bearing.

Belts- Improper belt can effects the fan performance if the belt is making noise that shows there is insufficient belt tension in the fan so it can affect the fan performance badly.

Blades and housing- if there is soul material like dust or fumes exist on fan blade it will create imbalance and vibration in the fan

Connector and isolation foundation- they are used to remove the fan vibration from the ventilation system. If they are effected the fan performance will get affected by it.

Louvers and dampers- make sure the louver connection are secure and not tight enough that they effect fan performance they are used to adjust the fan air flow.

Motors- always make sure to lubricate your motor usually to improve the life of your fan.

Prices of fans purchased from fan manufacture in Pakistan

The cost of fans in Pakistan varies on the type of fans you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Fans in Pakistan ranges in between 4000- 20000 rupees

Things you need to see when buying fan from fan manufactures in Pakistan.

When choosing not always go with trend and fashion choose the fan logically so that you end up buying the product that is your need. When selecting fan see these important things that are

Ventilation – there are many types of fans available in the market like axial or missed flow but first of all see for what purpose you need fan whether it is home need or industrial need. The general ventilation procedure of fan is that it accelerate air and move it from one side to another.

Mounting- the next thing you need to see whether the fan will be mounted to the roof or wall for ventilation usually in Pakistan at home they are mounted to the roof.

Performance and accessibility requirements- the major thing you need to determine is to see the performance, the pressure and flow of air. The performance will also depend on the way you used fans the way you annualyl do maintenance, the temperature where they are placed and density of air.

Noise level- when choosing always see the noise level and efficiency of fans. If you need high efficiency in low noise the type and size will be impacted.


Fan used low pressure air pumps. It utilize the power from a motor to give volumetric air flow in given pressure. The fan motor has capacitor AC, induction motors or Dc motors. The air flow devices are either a fan or blower. In this article we discussed about, factors that affect fans performance in Pakistan, price of fans produced by fan manufactures in Pakistan and thing you need to see while choosing fans from fan manufactures in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple pool equipment stores in every city of Pakistan that offer pool equipment in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.