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Fractional C02 Laser Treatment in Pakistan | Cost and Clinics

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Dr. Zarqa Skin Laser Clinic
14/B1 FCC, Syed Maratab Ali Road,Gulberg, Lahore.
Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur is a multifaceted personality who is well known nationaly and internationally. Dr. Zarqa is a gold medalist and consultant in Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine who has b ...
Beauty is Science
House no.2, Street 44, F-8/1, Islamabad.
Dr. Fazeela Abbasi stands as a distinguished name in the realm of dermatology and skincare. With a wealth of experience and a reputation for excellence, Dr. Abbasi is renowned for her expertise in ...
Skin Laser and Aesthetic Clinic
Gulberg 3 Hussain Chowk, behind Butler's Cafe, Lahore.
Dr. Afifa Zahra, a highly experienced Dermatologist based in Lahore, boasts over a decade of expertise in the field. With a rich educational background and numerous qualifications, Dr. Zahra is ded ...
We Put Patients Needs First
DHA Phase 1, Near Tooba Masjid, B-Commercial Area, Karachi.
Hash Clinic is your premier destination for a comprehensive array of services, encompassing skincare, aesthetics, orthopedics, and cutting-edge ED treatments. Our unwavering commitment is to emerge ...
Plot Number 10, Stno: 25A, Off Stno: 22 Sector F-6/2 Islamabad, Pakistan
Dr. Armeela Clinic is located at Sector F-6/2 Islamabad. Dr. Armeela is well known for her advance skills in the field of dermatology & cosmetology. Her vast experience in Aesthetic Dermatology ma ...
Skin Specialist from Islamabad.
29-30 taj mehal plaza , near Maroof int'l hospital parking? F-10 markaz, Islamabaz F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad.
Dr. Nadia Arshad Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Certified Laser expert treats skin nail & hair diseases using the latest lasers and knowledge. Dr. Nadia Consultant Dermatologist, ...
Dr Shireen Ansari Skin Specialist.
Plot No. 10B/10C, 3rd Floor, SRB Plaza, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad.
Dr Shireen Ansari (skin specialist) possess more than 18 years of experience in Dermatology Problems. Dr Shireen Ansari is qualified MBBS in Dermatology from London UK.
Experienced Skin Doctor from Karachi.
Horizon Vista, Mezzanine Floor. Opposite Dolmen Mall Clifton Block: 4, Karachi.
Prof. Azam J. Samdani Being the 1st Pakistani to attain PhD in Dermatology from the United Kingdom, he later did fellowship training in Boston, U.S.A, and has been a consultant since 1992 in Saudi ...
Professional & Qualified Skin Specialist from Islamabad.
House No. 518, Margalla Road, Service Rd N, F-10/2 Islamabad.
Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is a laser therapy & skin specialist working at cosmetic laser & skin clinic based in Islamabad. Dr Ikram Ullah is the pioneer in introducing laser technology and has the ...
Skin Doctor from Islamabad
Saleem Plaza, 22-W Service Rd, opp. OGDCL Building, Block C G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad
Dr. Mobeen Khan is a qualified skin specialist running clinic in Islamabad. Dr. Mobeen aesthetic specialist team has extended experience and outstanding skills in delivering world class, up-to-date ...

All you want to know about fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan

The dermatologist uses fractional CO2 laser treatment to treat your acne scars, deep wrinkles and other skin-related issues. It is a noninvasive procedure that is used to remove the outer layer of damaged skin through a laser that is made up of carbon dioxide. After the procedure, you can resume your duties immediately. The procedure take around 15 to 30 minutes. Laser is treatment that work on high-energy of light. The procedure focus on your skin condition and remove unhealthy cell via heat it produce. There are several types of laser available. Every laser is different by laser beam it produced.

Why is a fractional co2 laser used?

Fractional laser is best procedure for people that want to minimize their acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkles there are other skin conditions that can also be treated through fractional CO2 laser treatment. Some of them are wrinkles, sun damage, skin tone disparity, aging sign and oil gland grown in size all the skin condition can be treated. Usually the procedure is performed on face but can also treat other areas like neck arms and hands.

Benefits of using fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan

Some of the benefits of the treatment are that it is not pigment selective procedure. You only need few days or week to recover from treatment. The procedure is less invasive than other treatment like dermabrasion and chemical peel. It target the pigmented and non-pigmented area of your skin. The downtime of the treatment is very short. The treatment is high precision and tissue selective procedure.

The procedure of fractional CO2 laser in Pakistan

The doctor target the deep layer of your skin and move the laser on your skin that is damaged because of loss of collagen. The heat produced from the treatment create disruption  to replace the layer of your skin as result it produces a lot of new collagen.  During healing process of the procedure the new generated cells replace the damage layer of your skin with healthier one. These layer become strong when weaker area are firmed up to give a new look to your skin after treatment you will have even skin texture and tone, the scaring will  reduce fine line and wrinkled will be reduce you will have tighter and brighter skin.

Difference between fractional and other laser treatment

The conventional cost laser has no function of fractional and the laser is applied on your entire skin thus the healing procedure last for longer time period but treatment through fractional laser make the treatment more successful comfy and recovery time is also reduced. The new tissue formed increase the collagen and elastic.

Application and results of fractional Co2 laser treatment in Pakistan

Before the procedure your dermatologist make sure that your skin is properly cleansed after that they use cream to numb the treated area. The procedure will take around 15 to 20 minutes for your entire face on average. You will start seeing the result of treatment after 1 day of flushing or after 4 to 5 day small crusting. When the shell fall out your new pink skin will come out.

Charges of fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan

In Pakistan the cost of treatment varies on the number of session you will undergo, the area of treatment, the length of treatment, the location and the experience of your experts. Fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan cost around 30000-40000 thousand rupees. As it is cosmetic surgery it is not covered by insurance company.

Session needed for fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan

Usually in Pakistan there are around different session requirement depending upon on your skin condition for light wrinkles you may need 1 or 2 session for deep winkles you need 3 to 4 session. Like this the sessions vary deep acne scars to light acne scars. You can remove skin stain in 1 session or even 2 to 3 sessions. The each session of treatment is repeated after 1 to 1.5 months.

Skin care before and after treatment

It is best to avoid tanning and heavy exposure of sun. Prior before the treatment use high SPF sunblock daily for around 1 month. Avoid using medication 3 day prior your treatment day that cause skin sensitivity. If you have any skin related issue immediately inform your dermatologist before treatment.

After the treatment it take around 1 to 2 weeks to your skin to heel and during this time period your skin will be very sensitive so you need to protect your skin from getting infection and heal properly during procedure. You need to use ice pack on treated area after treatment for 15 minutes it will make you comfortable and swelling will be reduce. Once you will be leaving the clinic the nurse will apply petroleum jelly on treated area and a bandage.

Side effects and risk associated with fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan

Some of the possible side effects of the treatment are

Milia- a small white bump or cyst appear after treatment during healing phase it can be remove via gentle cleaning or by your doctor

Acne- after laser procedure you may face acne flare but it will diminish on its own.

Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation- these are the rare risk that occur and hyperpigmentation can be easily overcome but hypopigmentation is difficult to treat.

Infections- infection may occur after procedure and can last for 7 to 10 days.

Swelling- the selling may appear but will be diminish after some time. Patients are advised to use extra pillow to reduce swelling

Smoking- it is advised to quit smoking as it has bad effect on healing procedure.


Fractional CO2 laser treatment is used by the dermatologist to treat your acne scars, deep wrinkles and other skin related issues. It is noninvasive procedure that is used to remove the outer layer of damage skin through laser that is made up of carbon dioxide. In this article we discussed about, procedure of fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan, price of the fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan, risk associated with the fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan and benefits of fractional CO2 laser treatment in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed fractional CO2 laser treatment in every city of Pakistan that offer fractional CO2 laser treatment services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.