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Best Google Ads Managers in Pakistan to Hire in 2024

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Professional Digital Marketing Agency
401, 4th Floor, Rania Mall, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.
Tahir Abbasi Digital is an independent digital marketing agency, providing comprehensive digital marketing services worldwide. Are you looking to increase your website traffic? Attract your target ...
Your Vision, Our Digital Precision
Plot sb 11, sector x3 Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi.
Welcome to Al Meraaj Digital, your premier Digital Marketing Agency in Karachi! Wem are passionate about the transformative potential of exceptional content for businesses. Our team is dedicated to ...
Your IT Partner
709A, Block 2, Sector D1 Township, Lahore.
Tricasol your Complete IT Solution. Since 2016, we've pioneered exceptional IT services globally. From web design, hosting, and domain management to digital marketing, WordPress proficiency, and re ...
Your Success, Our Digital Marketing Expertise.
Silver StoneTechnologies, the leading digital marketing agency in Islamabad, offers a wide range of top-tier digital marketing services. From outstanding SEO strategies, strategic social media mana ...
Digitally Powered Creative Studio
26 B, Commercial Area, Block B Bankers Town, Lahore.
Black Silk Studio: Your digital partner for brand elevation. We're a dynamic agency, blending creativity, innovation, and collaboration to deliver tailored solutions. Specializing in graphic design ...
Your Marketing Partner
Office #102, zainab tower, Model town link road, Lahore.
For over six years in Lahore, Marketing92 has been the go-to IT company, offering tailored solutions to intricate business challenges. Specializing in web design, software development, SEO, smartph ...
Increase Traffic to Website
House 1124 Street 40, G-11/2, Islamabad.
Finyki is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Pakistan and the US, dedicated to achieving growth for brands. Our track record demonstrates our efficiency in brand management, with a ...
Executive Business Developer Strategist
147 G Block Khayaban e Amin Lahore.
For all your web development needs, look no further than Afzal Mustafa. A skilled web developer, digital marketer, and SEO strategist, Afzal offers comprehensive solutions for your online presence. ...
Your Success is our Reward
ACE Uptown, Road, Northern Strip FECHS, E-11, Islamabad.
SilverStone Technologies is the leading digital marketing agency in Islamabad, offering top-tier services in SEO, strategic social media management, and impactful PPC campaigns. Our expertise exten ...
Digicrawl, among the top ranked SEO Company
Raj Mahal Plaza, B-223 Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
Digicrawl Digital Marketing Company is located in B-223 Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Digicrawl is a well-reputed Digital Marketing Agency in Islamabad offering Google Ads, Social Medi ...

All you want to know about Goggle ads manager in Pakistan

In reality online digital marketing is one of the cheapest advertising tool than other medium of advertising it is also more efficient because it target the right audience. As you can obtain digital information from any part of the world at any time you can cater larger number of audience in less time and less effort. So through Google ads your information about brand product can reach billion without bearing the heavy amount. Google ads manager handle and optimize Google ad words campaigns. They managed task like creating, monitoring, updating, bids, ad copy, keywords and other elements of company online marketing strategy. Google ads manager must be knowledgeable in digital marketing practices. They must be familiar how to create a compelling ads that need to attract and compel audience to visit your website. They also need to manage the budget so that they can maximize the ROI. Below we describe some of the responsibilities that are handled by Google ads managers

Duties of Google ads manager

There are number of Duties that Google Ads manager need to fulfill that are:

  • They research new advertising opportunities and provide recommendation to management that which opportunities are best keeping them in line with company goals.
  • They analyze the performance to see the trends that can help you to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • They also observe and analyze competitor strategies to identify the strategy that can also affect their business goal.
  • They execute the advertising campaign on different platform like social media, search engine and mobile devices.
  • They partner with other department to see that all advertising campaign meet the objectives that are set by the other department like sale or profit generated
  • They develop and manage landing pages and used tool such Google analytics to measure the effectiveness of campaign.
  • They do reporting about the detail campaigns and make recommendation for future campaigns.
  • They analyze the customer data to see potential customer that are interested in company product and services.
  • They work in collaboration with other team to improve the website traffic and sales.

Requirement for the job of Google Ads manger

Google ads manager must possess a bachelor degree but it is preferred by the employee that they have advertising or marketing degree. Some employee prefer associate degree with relevant experience. They receive on job training in which you learn about company products. There is no special certification requirement but people who want to increase their earning can also do certification.

Skills needed to be Google Ads Manager

The Google ads manager must poses the search engine marketing skills in which he optimize the website in such a way that it is visible to the audience in search engine result. He must possess data analysis skills to interpret the information obtain and draw conclusion from it. As an ads manager you need to analyze the data and determine the success of the advertising campaign. They need to handle marketing automation in this process you need to send emails or message to your target audience. They often use marketing automation to save time. He must poses the creative thinking because he needs to come up with new idea for advertisement. Communication skills is important for Google ads manager because you will communicate with coworker’s customers and other member in team.

Why Google Ads become necessity in today’s world?

As pandemic hit countries in 2020 things and trends have changed now market are open but during pandemic went online to run their business in crisis situation. As now customers are preferring online shopping so it is time for every brand to enhance their online system. It is necessity in today world to compete in competitive market. Google has Pay per Click advertising service in which you advertise on Google search engine in which advertiser has to pay amount whenever the ads is clicked by the user. If these ads are managed well they not just only enhance the traffic on your website but it also target the right type of audience. Statistics show that in one day Google receives around 5 billion searches. It is place where people go and visit to answer their queries. Google ads is consider as best marketing strategy on internet

Tips to hire a Google ads manager

Google is power house tool for marketing where around 259 million users visit and have 4.8 billion daily interactions. It is paid advertising platform that have different advertising channel that are YouTube, display shopping and search engine.

Ask them to provide the portfolio-see the portfolio of candidates in depth to ensure that they are right fit for your brand. You can ask them about their experience in this field and how much they spend on ads on weekly or monthly basis etc.

Certification- there are certain goggle ads certification that are hosted by google by end of certification you receive a completion course. There are six certification that are google ads video, search display, shopping ads measurement and apps

Charges to manage campaign- it is important to ask about the charges from the potential candidates to see that their charges meet your budget.

Present Data- see how well they have presented data in previous run campaigns with previous clients. You can ask them to provide details of their previous clients and you can ask them about their weakness and strengths and then make the decision.

Ask them about how they manage google ads campaign performance- when you have launch the Google ads campaign you need to see the performance of each campaign ask them how they manage and measure the performance.

Charges of Google Ads manager in Pakistan

In Pakistan the pay of google ads manager depends upon the experience and expertise. The pay of google ads manager in Pakistan per month is around 1 lakh – 1 lakh 25 thousand.


In reality online digital marketing is one of the cheapest advertising tool than other medium of advertising it is also more efficient because it target the right audience. Google ads manager handle and optimize Google ad words campaigns. They managed task like creating, monitoring, updating, bids, ad copy, keywords and other elements of company online marketing strategy. In this article we have discussed the responsibilities, the skills and the requirement of Google ads manager job. We have discussed some tips to choose the best ads manager in Pakistan. If you want to hire Google ads manager you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.