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Good Uniform Store in Karachi.
The Book Mall, Urdubazar Shahrah-e-Liaqua, Karachi, Pakistan
Iqbal Sons Uniforms is located at The Book Mall, Urdubazar Shahrah e Liaqua , Karachi, Pakistan. Iqbal Sons Uniforms is deal in all kind of school college company restuarant hospital uniforms are ...
Best Quality Hospital Uniform.
Opposite Holy Family Hospital Gate No 3, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Medfit is located at Opposite Holy Family Hospital Gate No 3, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Medfit delivers the medical community with high quality uniforms by taking care of their ease and comfort. Medf ...
Verified Ali Baba Suppliers
Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Pakistan
Faisalabad Fabric Store is located at Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Pakistan. Faisalabad is a well-known city named Manchester of Pakistan and is considered to be the hub of the textile industry. As ...
One of the Leading Uniforms Supplier & Manufacturer
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Saad Enterprises is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers, suppliers,s and exporters of Army, Navy, Air Force, Para-Military, Police, Rangers, Customs ...
Providing Best Quality Uniforms
Ashar Tower, 7.5km Khurrianwala Jarranwala Road, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Ashar International (Pvt) Ltd. is located at Ashar tower,  Khurrianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are the largest textile company in Pakistan which is dealing in all kinds of uniforms which are ...
High Quality Uniforms Provider in Rawalpindi
Gulzar-e-Quaid, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Uniformcolours is located at Gulzar e Quaid, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Uniform Colours is a leading Uniform Brand founded in May 16, 2012. We provide wide range of Uniforms for all industries includi ...
A Leading Uniforms Provider
Faisalabad, Pakistan
NM Concepts is located at Faisalabad, Pakistan. NM Concepts is also want it to convey quality. That is the guiding principle of our brand, which specializes in producing quality, long-lasting uni ...
We Have Best Quality Uniforms
Office F810, Flaknaz Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.
Eastern Uniforms is located at Flaknaz Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan. Eastern Uniforms is leads the industry to supply and Manufacturers’ Uniforms to all the Corporate Sector all o ...
Dress Xpert the Apparel Manufacturing Company
Muhammad Pura Rageawala, Muhammadpura, Sialkot, Pakistan
Dress Xpert is located at Muhammadpura, Sialkot, Pakistan. Dress Xpert the apparel manufacturing company leads the market in the supply of comfortable and reliable Workwear, Safety Wear, Corporate ...
A Leading Uniforms Center
Shop #8, Ground Floor, Abid Shopping Arcade, Gizri, Karachi, Pakistan
U4Uniform is located at Abid shopping Arcade, Gizri, Karachi, Pakistan. We promise to do our best Product to enhance the product experience of everyone based on their individual needs. We Provide ...

All you want to know about hospital uniforms in Pakistan

If you are working in health care services then medical uniforms and lab courts are must for you. In 1800s nun were providing the medical facility to the injured people so those uniforms were not comfortable in world war I the uniforms were still bulky and not effective. During World War II professional medical wear was developed that helped the nurses to save more lives during war period. At that time nurses wore long gowns and doctors wore normal clothes for surgeries. William Halstead with his nurse was the first to develop first pair of rubber and latex gloves in the 1900s. In today’s world gloves are used to protect health care people and patient as well but they were previously invented for sanitary purposes. Caroline Hampton later introduced latex gloves when he became allergic to harsh chemical and keep on washing hand at hospital. In 1940s first time medical scrubs are used by the doctors to protect themselves and their clothes from harmful body fluids. The color used was white because it give clear cut appearance but soon it was felt that white is not the right option for operation rooms. No doubt wearing white give elegant look but it wasn’t effective for medical field as it was easily stained so in 1970s green scrubs were introduced, now there are various colors and style of medical uniforms.

Benefits of medical uniforms in Pakistan

In the health care industry uniform and clothing are important. Uniform protect employee from containments and make the job of employee easier. Every item in uniform has its own purpose whether it is scrub coat or gloves below we describe some of the benefits of medical scrubs inPakistan

Medical scrub provide protection against bodily fluids- High quality of medical scrubs are made up of thick fabric that prevent patient bodily fluid to direct with doctor or nurse.

Scrub are economically efficient-scrubs are affordable and are of maximum use. They are made up of high quality of fabric but inexpensive and can with stand the cleaning process. You can easily wash them and used for many years.

Provide comfort and range of movement- no doubt the job of medial health care is straining job. They just not need to take care of patients and do surgeries they need to stand on their feet throughout the day. They work in long hour shift in office and then also run their own clinic so they need a uniform that give them optimum level of comfortable.

Uniforms are functional- medical care uniform make the job easier for wearer as there is large pocket and they easily move.

Medical uniform make healthcare easily identifiable- Like every company uniform help in identifying it employees in same way health care professional are easy to identify because there are custom color combination and there is embroidered logo or print of the hospital they are working.

Help in cross contamination- Cross contamination is not just a problem but a community concern for health. The medical uniform also help in preventing the contiguous infections and viruses.

Price of Hospital uniforms in Pakistan

The price of hospital uniform varies from location to location, the stitching experience of person, the material, and logo print on the uniform. The price of hospital uniform is approximately 3000 rupees in Pakistan.

Things you need to see while choosing a medical uniform

Choose the right type of medical uniform is important as it give a presentable and professional look the staff that is dealing with the patients. Through these uniform clients can easily recognize about the doctors and nurse. As patient or people visiting with them are in stress situation so when medical care giver are wearing medical uniform it will make job easier for them  to recognize medical professional below we describe few things you must consider while choosing the hospital uniform.

Quality- as the medical uniform are expose to many types of body fluid so your medical uniform require harsh cleaning and sanitization process so it can be used for long time if you want to use the medical uniform for long time prefer quality fabric. You can choose warmer or length weight fabric according to the environment you are working.

Fit- when going to medical uniform make sure that it does not restrict your movement. As well fitted scrub will allow you to move easily and stay active for the whole day. The uniform should not be tight not to lose it should allow you to easily bend squat or stretch with tearing the fabric.

Print- the print depends upon the organization you are working in. some organization allow freedoms of prints and pattern on uniform  but usually hospital prefer that people wear solid prints without any print.

Color- there are many color available theses day like blue green and white are most common but you can also go for pink purple brown and mahroon as well. According to research blue and green are easy to wash and gentle to eyes rather than red or white.

Other feature- there are certain other feature in medical uniforms to improve its practicality and convenience. Like pockets that are well placed allow you to store items like your phone medical instrument or writing material. Always check that uniform you are purchasing is laundry friendly.



If you are working in health care services than medical uniforms and lab courts are must for you. In the health care industry uniform and clothing are important. As medical uniform protect you from fluid containments and make the job of employee easier. In this article we discussed about, benefits of hospital uniform in Pakistan, price of hospital uniform in Pakistan and thing you need to know to buy the hospital uniform in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple hospital uniform in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple hospital uniform variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.