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The 10 Best Hotel Furniture Stores in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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G-21 Goldmine Plaza, Ferozepur Road, Lahore
Apna Furniture.pk is located in Goldmine Plaza, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. Apnafurniture.Pk is an online platform aimed at providing easy access to a range of wooden furniture items and furniture sho ...
292 Street A-1, O-9 Block A, Police Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan
Home Factree is Located at O-9 Block A, Police Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan. Where modern meets style , we bring you contemporary design furniture that will transform your place into a unique ho ...
Plot 389 Potohar Rd, I-9/3 I 9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Islamabad.
Mirari Heirloom Furniture is located in I-9/3 I 9/3 I-9, Islamabad. The thought process behind Mirari Heirloom Furniture took years to build on. Only when the best artisans, finest raw materials, ...
Home Design Furniture Warehouse & Display 382 Nasheman e Iqbal Phase 1 Near Wapda Town Lahore Pakistan.
Home Design Furniture is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Home Design is the local brand factory that deals in export of custom furniture to European markets. You will fin ...
Elevate Your Space with Timeless Elegance
65 Main Boulevard Gulberg, Block H Gulberg 2, Lahore.
Profine Furniture offers a curated selection of exquisite furnishings designed to transform your living spaces. Our collection encompasses a wide array of styles, from modern and minimalist to clas ...
Meeshan Luxe Home, 66 Main Blvd, Sector H DHA Phase 6, Lahore.
Meeshan Home is located in Main Blvd, Sector H DHA Phase 6, Lahore. Since the trend has taken an upraise, we understand just how important it is for you to stand out amongst the people and imprint ...
Basement Ali Arcade, Next to KFC, Main PWD, Rawalpindi.
Pak Turk- Pak Centralasian Furnitures is located in Main PWD, Rawalpindi. Pak Turk-  Pak Centralasian Furnitures is an extraordinary source of traditional, cultural furniture and home décor that ...
12, Bilal Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad
WoodTek is located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. The name of WoodTek Furniture dates back over 80 years to the middle part of the 20th Century. Relying mainly on its own manufacturing source ...
Hb 56 Khayaban-e-Johar I-10/3 Islamabad.
HB Furniture is located in Khayaban-e-Johar I-10/3 Islamabad. HB Furniture is a premium furniture manufacture and supplier offering an unparalleled spectrum of furniture choices for workplace furn ...
Plot # 3. Khayaban-e-Sharwardey, Aabpara, G-6/1-1 (near Toyota Motors), Islamabad, Pakistan.
Sucasa Furniture is located in Toyota Motors, Islamabad, Pakistan. At Su Casa Furnishings, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to ...

All you want to know  about hotel furniture in Pakistan

You must have question in your mind that what people look when they are planning to choose any specific restaurant. Usually  it has been that people prefer such hotel that give them a feel of home give a luxurious and eye catching design and something unexpected. After COVID-19 now tourism and hotel business is again flourishing and getting back on track. Now visitors are paying attention toward structure, comfort, price, cleanliness, quality, visual aesthetic and location of your hotel. Thus, choosing the right interior for your hotel has utmost importance.

Suggestions for hotel owners for hotel furniture in Pakistan

Create story-Always choose a furniture of hotel that matched the overall hotel style. Create a story and feel of the place so that people connect with your hotel. If you have modern feel look of your hotel lounge than it is preferred that your room, bedroom, furniture should also complement it by choosing modern look furniture.

Less is more- you don’t need much things to attract customers when looking for outdoor furniture for your hotel you should focus on natural decors like plants, tress and nature. Try to make your outdoor space look natural for people so that they move easily and feel comfy when rooming around. People usually attract more towards the hotel that offer natural beauty as it give a soothing effect to your hotel.

Rain a problem- whenever you are planning to buy an outdoor furniture you must  consider about the durability of furniture in weather conditions. Never rely on hotel furniture manufacture see things on your own. Check the material used, furniture frames and cushion as well. Ensure the material use for them are made up of durable fibers that don’t lose their color shape due to rain and exposure to sun.

Detailing- the hotel need to provide the quality requirement that they mentioned in contract and also need to meet hospitality environment. Make sure that fabric used for furniture meet the requirement of standards. The cost of the furniture will increase but they will last longer if you use standard quality of furniture and material.

Beauty- when choosing the hotel bedroom furniture people look for the space and size of the room as wellTop of Form. If there is large room you can use freestanding units. As you can easily move and it help in maximizing space. You can customize the room into different state of art and can choose variety of color images shapes texture and material. Some material are luxurious and expensive you can use them in specific luxury rooms.

To create a feel of home at hotel always ask your guest to give you feedback you can ask them by sending email beforehand about what they like and what they want to improve in hotel.

Strategies to assemble your hotel furniture in Pakistan

Buying the hotel furniture for hotel reception, bedroom and for additional space is quite daunting task. It is best if you plan the thinks in advance so won’t face difficulty while fitting the furniture in the space. There are many color options available for furniture. There should be proper seating arrangement if you are working in hospitality business. Below we describe strategies to assemble hotel furniture

  • Whether the room is small it should not compensate the comfort of visitors. You can still add many furniture and layout options in small rooms.
  • Hotel furniture is used for many purposes and the boundaries to use them has blurred. The new generation prefer less defined space in hotel room
  • As hotel owners prefer that they accommodate maximum number of customers and this can be done by them by using sofas.
  • Previously the hotel hide the electric sockets behind the sofas but now the management should place the sofas around these sockets so customer can easily sit and charge their devices.
  • Get customer to enjoy view always put your furniture in the direction of window so that when visitors visit the room they stop by and get a chance to take a look at breathtaking view from window by staying inside the room

Price of hotel furniture in Pakistan

The price of hotel furniture varies from location to location, the material, the amount of table chairs needed and the types of furniture you choose. The price of hotel furniture ranges in between 5000- 4 lakh rupees in Pakistan.

Things you must consider while choosing hotel furniture in Pakistan

Studies conducted on hotel industry indicate that customers prefer a comfortable room more than anything else. Usually the guest spend their time in hotel room so they want a comfy so on next day the wake up they feel energized. So if you are owner of hotel you must understand that hotel furniture will make a difference so below we describe something you need to consider while choosing hotel.

Quality- always buy a quality furniture from your trusted seller so you must know that you have spent it on right place and make most from this investment. Not only consider price as factor.

Durability- always choose a material that stand out for longer time period. You should also consider the economic impact of the furniture you are willing to purchase.

Technology- now a day customer prefer the rooms that come worth latest technology so make sure that you choose furniture style that will compliment technology need of guest.

Comfort- the top priority of hotel owner is to provide comfortable environment. So while choosing furniture look for those option that provide ultimate comfortable feel to you.

Focus on lobby- the first thing customers see when they visit your hotel for booking is lobby so make  your lobby eye catching comfy that customer don’t go anywhere else.



Studies conducted on hotel industry indicate that customers prefer a comfortable room more than anything else. Visitors are paying attention toward structure comfort, price, cleanliness, quality, visual aesthetic and location of your hotel. In this article we discussed about, suggestion for hotel owner for hotel furniture in Pakistan, price of hotel furniture in Pakistan and things you need to see while buying hotel furniture in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple hotel furniture store in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple hotel furniture varieties in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.