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10 Best Leather Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Sportwear manufacturer in Sialkot
Shahabpura Sialkot.
Located at the heart of Sialkot, you'll find Obee Sports, a prominent player in the industry. Boasting over eight years of experience, Obee Sports stands out in crafting top-notch sportswear and le ...
Capital, another well-known sportswear producer
Kashmir Road, Sialkot.
Capital Sports is a famous sportswear maker that focuses on giving customers an all-in-one solution. They keep improving their tools to make better products for everyone – guys, gals, and kids. T ...
Leather Good Manufacturer
4 /s /69, Rasool Park, Multan Road, Lahore.
Discover GB Leatex, a reputable manufacturer and exporter, serving as your trusted supplier of premium Leather Wear, Textile Wear, and Sports Wear. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we o ...
Manufacturer and Exporters of Sports Wears
Allama Iqbal Road, Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot.
Prince Wears, based in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, is a prominent manufacturer and supplier in the industrial market. We specialize in producing a wide range of high-quality sportswear, streetwear, ...
Unleashing Quality Global Style
Opp 16/728 Rahim Pura, Sialkot.
Greeting International Corp a manufacturing company based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the needs of our customers and strives to fulfill those requirements ...
As best bags brand in pakistan
Pasrur Road Sialkot.
Large Scale Manufacturing Leather Products
I-9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan
MONT 5 is located at I-9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan. Modern large scale manufacturing processes create bulk quantities and produce goods at lower cost. These methods while cheaper, take the love ou ...
100% Quality Leather Product
Office 301, Third Floor, Gulistan Khan House, AK Fazal Haq Road, G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Leather Chak is located at Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Leather Chak is one of best Point for Leather Product like jackets, Vest, Brazer and letterman of leather for Men and women 100% Quality ...
Specialized in Real Leather Fashion Products
2197/C-3, Qadri Street, Chungi No 9 Flyover, Humanyon Road, Multan, Pakistan
Mender Leather is located at Humanyon Road, Multan, Pakistan. Exporting Leather Products Since 1989 From Multan ,Pakistan and specialized in Real Leather Fashion Products. Mender Multan Pakistan a ...
Provide you with Leather Products
Kiosk Basement 1, Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore, Pakistan
DAB Leather is located at Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. At DAB Leather Accessories, we are driven to provide you with leather products locally manufactured and at an affordable price. W ...

All you want to know about leather bags in Pakistan

Leather becomes popular in fashion industry in this century we all love to use leather accessories. Leather is used in clothing, furniture and other accessories from many years. The used of leather artifacts are date back to 2200 BC. Leather is considered as best choice for bags. Below we describe how leather grabs the attention of people over a century

Features and benefit of using leather bags in Pakistan

Durable and flexible- leather is famous for its resistance and durable feature that make it mostly used material for bags. Leather can be used every day without fear of getting torn. As leather is naturally flexible it adds up an additional feature in bags through this you can find leather bags in unique sizes and shape. The leather will get beautiful as it age without losing its original stylish look and functionality.

Natural and ecofriendly- it is natural material that used bags rather than using synthetic products. The material is environmental friendly it does pollute the environment the way synthetic bags as more chemical are used in making of such bags. It gives peace of mind that we are not effecting our environment.

Water proof and breathing- leathers bags protect your belonging to some extent from light rain. It is not like that you soak your leather bag in tub of water and it will not get wet but leather resist the moisture. Leather breathe means that it fight against fungal attack, dry abrasion, bad odor and dust.

Long term pocket saver- as leather are bit expensive so you feel reluctant when buying them but if you calculate you will see that top grain leather bags will eventually save your money in long run. Liked the original leather bags last for almost 10 year if used with care so when you divide the cost on these years it will save your money as you don’t need to buy bag after every 1 or 2 years that are made with other poor materials.

Stylish and elegant- The leather gives sophisticated elegant and stylish look and everyone agree with the statement. If you carry top grain briefcase bag it will give you a classy look.

Price of leather bags in Pakistan

The price of leather bags in Pakistan depends on the quality, the brand you choose, the stitching quality, the details, and the type of style you choose to wear. In Pakistan the estimated price of leather bags is around 3500 rupees.

Things you need to see before buying the leather bag for yourself

Below we describe few things you must consider when going to invest money in leather bags that are

Type of leather- like for shoes and jacket you prefer full grain leather so leather bags that are made with full grain leather are preferred because they look fantastic after you use them daily and it is best quality of leather. As best leather give you an appealing patina and its material get better as it ages. The higher category of leather is used the more attractive patina is formed avoid using bags that are made with bounded leather because these bags are made up of scrap prices of leather. These leather bags don’t smell like leather bags as chemical are used in them. no doubt these bags come in affordable rates but not worth the money.

Tanning process- all leather used for making of bags not prepared in same way. There is majorly two types of tanning procedure one is vegetable tanning other chrome tanning. The tanning procedure also decides the price. Chrome tanning procedure use chromium and harsh chemicals the procedure is complete within few days. So these products are affordable. The vegetable tanned leather is produce ecofriendly way. Natural materials are used for tanning process rather than chemicals.

Origin and making of leather- the origin of leather also determine the quality of bag. Countries like US, France, Italy and England produce some hi quality of leather. These countries tanned the leather very well. But you need to see labels as well because some bags are made in some other country but finishing is done in Italy or England and the stamp of product contain Italy or England made so in that case they sell chrome tanned leather with other country label in high price so be smart when purchasing one.

Durability and handwork- best leather that are made up of full grain leather are durable. Creating a leather bag is not just like that we put two things together it involve a best selection of leather and finest stitching. The ideal bag is the one that can carry the weight and can easily move without weekend. No doubt the stitching on the bag is barely noticed but make sure that stitching done on bag is straight without any lose threads. Always check the stitching from inner and outer ends. Make sure that handles attached to the bags are connected via metal fixture or reinforced stitching.

Hardware- when buying leather bags you also need to see other parts of leather bag some times you need to see buckles locks, metallix rings, shoulder straps, zippers and handles.

Color- black and brown leather bags are usually best for professional envirnment it give a sense of power and authority. Black is considered as most formal leather bag that can go with every color. It is better to avoid such leather bag that have two different color.

Price- it is not the right measure to judge the qualty of your leather bag. You need to see these few things that are mentioned above to get a good quality of bag.


Leather is considered as best choice for bags. Leather bags come in different sizes, style and types. Leather bags are made up of animal hides like cowhide sheep or goat skin are used. In this article we discussed about the feature and benefits of using leather bag in Pakistan, thing you need to see when buying leather bags and price of leather bags in Pakistan For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple leather bags shop in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple types of leather bags in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.