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302 & 303 , 3rd Floor, The Forum, Block-9, Clifton, Karachi.
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Hafeez Centre, Shop No 142 Ground Floor, Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore
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All you want to know while buying mobile telephone in Pakistan

Mobile telephones are the one of the most efficient devices that are easy to use for communication with the people that is living far away from you in other part of world. Every other day there is new mobile model with certain modification to meet the changing demands of the customers. The mobile telephone has changed from bulky car phone to home telephone and then into indispensable communication accessory that is used worldwide. You can get in touch with family and friends can set your meeting, can do business deal and can contact easily for help in emergency situation. Now mobile phone are not just only for communication it has other function like camera, radio, internet, calculator and calendar etc. the basic function of mobile phone is communication.

Benefits of using mobile telephones

Communication-You can just call a person in another country by simply pressing on the person number that is already saved in mobile memories you need not to memorize the numbers. The device is blessing for the people whose family member and loved one live far away from them.  Below we describe the benefits of having Mobile phone in Pakistan.

Emergency-Mobile phones are must needed at time of emergency situation. Whenever you are in emergency you can call the ambulance by dialing 1122 or police by just pressing 115. You can take out your phone to take picture for the proves provided to the police.

Store Data-You can store a large amount of data in mobile telephones like pictures, videos audio and text messages. You can carry these pictures and data anywhere with you can also keep your important work file in your mobile telephones.

Entertainment- Apart from   communication and storage it has entertainment feature as well. They have music player inbuilt facility the owners can listen to the music they like and can record the audio as well. You can also watch clips, watch season and play videos.

Application- they are developed to enhance the functionality of your mobile telephone. People who work and want to work on word file or excel can open theses document on their mobile telephone. You will find alarm clock, converters facility that will enhance the productivity of your mobile telephones.

Increase Productivity- through mobile phone businesses can stay in contact with their customer 24/7. The business owner can handle their business anywhere whether they are in air or road or anywhere else this is all because of the invention of mobile phones.

Arrange meeting- You can arrange conference calling to have conversation with the other partners when you are out from the office. Calendars, notepad, alarms and voice recorder application on the phone will help you to be organized and be on time.

Things you need to see when buying your mobile telephones

As mobile telephone have become an important part of our lives we not just use them for communication but for many other purposes like picture, video and audio recording, internet browsing and many more. As there is wide range of mobile telephone available in the market so it is hard to choose which one is the best that suits your need and budget.  Below we describe things that you must consider when buying smart phone for yourself or for your loved ones.

Quality- there are types of build in smartphone that are metal and plastic but now there are some phone that also have glass coated panel.  Build shows the durability of the phone. If you are the one that drop your phone usually it is best for you to choose metal or plastic build mobile telephone.

Display- the size of resolution depend on your phone usage if you make video, edit video like to watch movies than it is prefer to have 5.5 inch to  6 inch and have full or QHD resolution phone. For normal user 5 inch to 5.5 inch is enough with HD or full HD resolution phone is best for you.

Processor- if you edit video and often use split screens than snapdragon 652 or 820/821 will work best for you. Light users can use mediate processors.

Camera- the mega pixel just not show that camera is best but certain other features like ISO level, autofocus,  pixel size and other essential element.

Battery- the use of battery differs from person to person. If you work on videos and love to play games and stream video than battery with 3500 mah or above than that should be preferred. If you are average user than 3000 mah will be enough for you to run your mobile telephone for a day.

Storage- most of the space is covered with in build apps and operating space. If you want to install less apps you can go for 32 GB but if your use many large apps than mobile with 64 and 128 gb can work best for you.

Security and other features- there are many mobile phones that come with strong security feature like finger print sensor and face detection you can also lock certain apps separately.

Speakers- the quality of sound coming out from your device is also important especially for those who do live video streaming and video conference calls. If you are entertainment person than buy the set that has front facing speakers.

You also consider OS and headphone jacks port when buying the mobile telephones.


Mobile telephones are the one of the most efficient devices that are easy to use for communication with the people that is living far away from you in other part of world. You can get in touch with family and friends can set your meeting, can do business deal and can contact easily for help in emergency situation. Now a days there are many other feature in mobile phone like camera, audio, calculator calendar, alarm, clock and many more. In this article we have discusses some benefits of using mobile telephone and some tip that you need to see when buying mobile telephone. If you want to purchase a mobile telephone from the shop you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.