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Gear Up for Greatness
ugoki, RahimPur, Sialkot.
Batapore General Trading Company, headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, is a dynamic manufacturer and exporter with a legacy dating back to 2013. Renowned for its diverse product portfolio, the compa ...
Quality Gloves and Apparel
Swisspo Road, Christian Town, Sialkot.
Swisspo Sports established in 1978, is a family-owned venture spanning three generations. They're all about making motorcycle gloves. They're dedicated to giving you top-notch gloves, ensuring your ...
The Gloves Specialists
Near Awan Chowk, Pasroor Road, Sialkot.
Arian Sports  Established in 1982, Arian Sports specializes in the manufacturing and global distribution of motorcycle gloves. With a workforce exceeding 250 individuals, the company's factory ...
Ignite Your Fire, Embrace the Thrill of Sports
Circular Road, Sialkot.
Macrocos is a renowned brand recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence. Specializing in the production of Soccer Wears, Cycling Wears, Hoodies, P-Caps, Cycling Gloves, Racing Gloves, a ...
Unleash Your Athletic Potential: Rise with Sportswear Manufacturing Stars
Hunter Pura Muslim Town Sialkot.
Rising Star is a renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of high-quality sportswear, sports gloves, leather fashion garments, motorbike garments, and boxing, MMA, and martial arts equipment. With our tw ...
Unleashing Quality Global Style
Opp 16/728 Rahim Pura, Sialkot.
Greeting International Corp a manufacturing company based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the needs of our customers and strives to fulfill those requirements ...
Manufacturer and Exporter of Leather Garments
Haji Pura, Daska Road, Sialkot.
Defence Industries stands as Pakistan's leading manufacturer in Leather and Cordura Garments, Sports Gloves, and Sports Wear. With over 8 years of industry expertise, we are well-equipped to manage ...
Moallah Ahmad Nagar Bonga, Zafarwal Road Rangpura Sialkot.
Paki Exportia is a leading sportswear manufacturer based in Pakistan, boasting extensive expertise in crafting high-quality athletic apparel. With a strong commitment to excellence, our seasoned te ...
Motorbike Gloves Manufacturer from Pakistan
Pooran Heerran, Ranghpura, Sialkot.
Shanzy Enterprises is a motorbike gloves manufacturer, supplier & exporter based in Pakistan. Shanzy Enterprises manufacturer pro gloves, street, off road and bycycle gloves for motorcycles fro ...
Manufacturer & Exporter of Gloves
Mohalla Islamabad, Doctor Khalid Saeed Street, Sialkot.
Black Brick is the most reliable manufacturer and exporter of best quality motorcycle, weight lifting & boxing gloves from Pakistan. Please contact us for gloves images or product catalog.

All you want to know about motorbikes gloves in Pakistan

Hands are very important to enjoy your full life as you need to do each and everything with the help of your hands protecting them is important. You need to wear a motorcycle gloves like you wear helmet when you ride motorcycle. They are important if you want to protect your hands. All gloves are not created in a same way. Some of them are created to save you from cold and there are specific gloves as well to meet your riding style. When choosing motorcycle gloves always prefer comfortable durable protective material gloves. Below we describe different types of gloves for motorcycle rider

Type of motorcycle gloves in Pakistan

There are many style of motorcycle gloves not one pair of glove is enough for all type of riding condition and style but you need to understand the difference to know the right choice. You need to choose the glove depending upon your riding style the weather you ride in and type of riding you do. There are available in different price ranges

Finger less gloves- if you are guitarist the finger play an important role and in playing guitar you need finger to pick things up. The gloved you need should be sensitive and tough so that you feel string instrument. Choose the gloves that protect your palms. Fingerless gloves are slightly better option than no gloves. They offer you knuckle and some hand protection.

Short cuff gloves- if you are travelling to your office and office to home or just doing street riding than short cuffs are right for you. You can easily take them off and take them on they are comfortable by low profile gloves. These gloves are worn under jacket there are certain more types in short cuff glove that are summer gloves- these are made up of mesh and leather. Winter gloves are made up of leather textile and synthetic material and support a waterproof membrane and has thermal liner. Dual sport gloves are best for riders that spend their time while riding bike in dirt these gloves are made up of combination of two that are leather and textile that provide you comfort.

Gauntlet gloves- these gloves require more material and offer more protection and they provide extra coverage around your wrist. They are consider best for inclement weather you will get thermal and waterproof option in theses gloves some of the gauntlet gloves types are  winter gloves- it will contain waterproof and thermal liner  for thermal you should look for thiosulfate and for waterproof you will see gore-tex or manufacturing own water proofing material. These gloves are worn above jacket to stop wind and water. Touring- these gloves provide a comfortable and relax design of gauntlet gloves. They are made up of textile leather mesh or combination of them. They have less protection than race gloves.

Race gloves- there is a lot of effort put in designing and manufacturing of race gloves because of the demand and exposure of these gloves. They provide protection from speed crashes these gloves have lot of ventilation when you push hardest and has thin palms for adjusting control. The leather race gloves are made up of goat or cow hide.

Price of motorcycle gloves in Pakistan

The price of the motorcycle depend upon the type you choose , the quality , the material and the location from where you buy the motor cycle gloves the price ranges in between 900 to 8000 rupees in Pakistan

Question you need to ask yourself before buying motor cycle gloves

If you want to buy a motorcycle gloves never go for the one that look nice or recommended by your friend choose the one that are comfortable and best for your safety we have described few question you must ask yourself before buying motor cycle gloves in Pakistan

Type of motorcycle ride- always ask yourself what type of motor cycle rider are you the type of gloves will differ if you are street rider race driver or long trip driver.

Average hour- you need to average for how many hours you ride a motorcycle in Pakistan. For short ride for just 20 to 30 minutes you don’t need touring gloves but you need them if you travel 4 to 5 hours or whole day while travelling on bike.

Weather- you need to see whether you ride bike when there is little rain outside so choose the gloves that are waterproof and can bear toughest weather conditions.

Warm or cold weather- see in which weather conditions you ride motorcycle in Pakistan if you ride bike in cold weather choose gloves that keep you warm and if you ride hot condition wear light weight gloves that keep your hand dry.

Riding style- always see whether you are aggressive rider or taking it easy rider because the gloves chose differ for both.

Budget-you should always know what your budget is and try to buy the motorcycle gloves that meet your budget, safety and comfort.

Thing you must see while buying motor cycle gloves in Pakistan

Finger feel- wear the gloves and see how you feel see whether there is room to move are too tight to move your finger.

Size and fit- always see whether gloves fit you right never choose a gloves that is too lose or too restrict. If you choose a too losses it will pass the air to your hand and it will not save your injury

Features and protection- see whether there is cool carbon knuckles so that they protect your hand and make your ride comfortable. Always see that you choose right size and length of gloves

Construction – see the material of gloves whether it is leather or textile or mixture of both the type of material has great impact on the quality and life span of gloves.


Hands are very important to enjoy your full life as you need to do each and everything with the help of your hands protecting them is important. You need to wear a motorcycle gloves like you wear helmet when you ride motorcycle. In this article we discussed about, types of motorcycle gloves in Pakistan, price motorcycle gloves in Pakistan and things you need to see while buying motorcycle gloves in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed motorcycle gloves shop in every city of Pakistan that offer motorcycle gloves in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.