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10 Best Protective Gear Exporters and Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Sportswear Manufacturer
Near Happy Valley Kotla Ambanwala Road Sialkot.
Bari Impex stands as a prominent sports clothing brand, delivering a versatile selection of activewear, gym wear, and sportswear designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. Our commitment ...
Manufacturer and Exporter of Sportswear
Aimanabad Road, Ghattororra Sialkot.
Sialkot, Pakistan, is renowned worldwide for its fine sports manufacturing industry. With a heritage dating back over a century, the city has earned a stellar reputation for crafting top-quality sp ...
Purchase Best Quality BasketBalls in Pakistan
Ennoble Avenue, Near Sheeshe Wali Market, Kashmir Road, Silakot.
Ennoble International is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of sporting goods, we have the best quality imported and local sports products. If you are looking for sports items in S ...
Buy Best Quality Soccer Balls in Pakistan
9-km, Daska Road, Sialkot.
Eureka Sports is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Eureka Industries, which was established in 1982. It was innovation and now classic. First of all, I,Sohail Khalid, CEO of Team Eureka, Would like o th ...
Buy Best Quality Rugby Balls in Pakistan
Plot no 2/472, Water Works, Sialkot, Pakistan.
KSK Sports is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We take pride in providing exceptional services to our clients. We always prioritise replying to any sort of questions which, may arise from our custome ...
Buy Best Quality Baseball balls in Pakistan
Sadder Cant Dhallay Near Church Sialkot 51310 Punjab Pakistan.
Glory Industry is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of sporting items, we are the manufacturers and exporters of sporting good in all over Pakistan. We have the best quality products ...
Best Quality Sport Products Providers
Roras Road, Sialkot, Pakistan
Anwar Khawaja Industries is located at Roras Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. A 61 years old family-owned business, we took our first step in 1952 with a very enthusiastic approach to produce the best spo ...
Manufacturer Importer & Exporter of Balls, Clothing, Boxing Products & Accessories Since 1990
Sialkot, Pakistan
ARSW Sports is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We provide various sports products like sporting goods and sport wears including Footballs, Hand Balls, Protective Gear, Volly Balls, Soccer Balls, Rug ...
All Cricket Gears
Daska Road, Near Proton AS Motors, Pakki Kotli, Sialkot, Pakistan
AS Sports is located at Pakki Kotli, Sialkot, Pakistan. AS Sports is the leading Sports Company in Sialkot that export its product worldwide. We deal with different cricket gear including especial ...
Buy Cricket, Hockey, Fitness & Sportswear Products Online
Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan
Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan. The company has been a manufacturer and exporter of sports goods to an ever-increasing list of countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands ...

Save yourself by buying right protective gear

Playing any sports without a proper gadget is very dangerous especially if you are beginner because some time you are not careful while playing and may face injuries that may lead you towards hospital. When you use proper protective gear your chances of getting injured are reduced. When you wear protective gear you play fearlessly without any worry of injury. What type of game you play it doesn’t matter your top priority should be protective yourself from injuries. You need to wear protective gear not while playing rough sports you need to wear it for professional game play and as well as street playing sports.

For preventing yourself from injury use of protective gear is needed. Governing body of any country lay down the equipment guideline for each sport protective gear that needs to be used. The trainer, the coach and professional of specific game will also guide you about correct protective gear that you need have to play that specific sport. You should use protective gear whether it is training session or for fun or any league match because the risk factor is same when you play a league match or for fun. There are certain protective gears like knee padding, helmet mouth guards that need to be proper used when playing game or match.

Types of Protective gear

Below we have described some of protective gear that needs to be used.

Mouth guards- are used by the people that usually play contact sport like martial arts, volley ball, wrestling and boxing. It is used to protect your mouth, lips, tongue and teeth. There are multiple types and brands of mouth guard you can choose best one according to your need.

Helmets- are needed for hockey, skiing, baseball, snowboarding football and skate boarding. The major function of helmet is to save your head from injuries as one of the most painful and difficult injury to recover is the head injuries. The need of helmet while sport cannot be over emphasized. There are different types of helmet for each sports so choose the specific helmet for that sport you are playing. When you will wear helmet you can play fearlessly without the fear of any damages.

Eye Protection- eye is most sensitive part of your body. An eye injury can also lead to permanent blindness sometimes so eye protection is very necessary. The protective eye shields are used for many years that are made up of polycarbonate. It is used in sport like ice hockey baseball kicking of objects activities that involve throwing of balls. Almost 90% of people face eye related injuries but you can prevent them by protecting your eyes by wearing eye shields.

Wrist, knee shin and elbow guards- these part of your body are at high risk while playing contact sports like hockey, inline skating, soccer and skate boarding. It is used to protect your bones from fracture while playing sports. It is recommended to wear these guards to save yourself but if you wear the wrong size it will not benefit you. You can use different guard size chart to buy the exact size.

Pads-There are pads for different body parts like for shoulder, elbow, knees, wrist and shin. They can be used in different types of sport like football, hockey or skateboard.

Foot wear- When playing sports you need a correct right size of safety shoes that will protect you from falling, tripping and twisting of feet. You require cleats while playing sports like softball, football or baseball. You also need specific type of foot wear for biking and skate boarding

Benefits of wearing protective gear

Wearing protective will not just protect from injuries they will make your playing sport experience better. Below are some of the benefits of wearing protective gear.

  • It is helpful in reducing injuries if you wear the right size of protective gear.
  • When you will not be injured you can play and practice many other sports they can also participate in many sporting events that cannot be otherwise done if you injured.
  • Injuries also take away the fun element from athletes if you wear protective gear you will be save from injuries and can play games more thoroughly and will play care free.
  • When you wear proper protective gear it helps you to reach you highest potential in the sports.

Sizes of protective gears

You need to choose a right size of protective gear otherwise they will not be effective. To determine the right size of helmet you need to see circumference of your head. You need to measure by starting from your forehead and by staying above your eyes. To measure the right size of protective guards and pads you need to measure thigh you need to measure it 10 cm above your knee to measure calf measure widest part of calf. To measure elbow pads measure 10 cm up from your elbow for wrist guard’s measure the widest area of your hand.

Price of Protective safe guards

There are different types of protective gears that are used in different types of game the lowest price of protective gear is around 200 rupees and estimated average cost of protective gear is around 1000 rupees.

You should wear protective gear to save yourself from any kind of injury while playing. As there are multiple player in every game and you don’t know about any shot or intense movement anything can happen so wearing protective gear will protect you in such circumstances. Many injuries can be reduced when you wear the right size of gear so always invest in protective gear before playing any sports. There are different protective gear that save you from injuries. For each sports you play there are different types of gears so consult your coach before playing any sport he will suggest you the best protective gear that are needed for that game.

For your ease and your convenience we have compiled protective gear manufacturing companies.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many protective gear dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealers according to your need, convenience and budget.