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10 Best Restaurants in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Mall Road, Murree, Rawalpindi.
Lintotts Restaurant is a popular dining destination in Murree, Pakistan. Known for its scenic views of the Himalayan mountains, the restaurant serves a range of Pakistani and Continental cuisine. T ...
Main Expressway, Murree.
Chaaye Khana Expressway Murree is a tea house located on the Expressway in Murree, Pakistan. It offers a wide selection of teas, from traditional chai to herbal and specialty blends, along with sna ...
Inor Gate, Opp. Ayub Medical Complex, Main Mansehra Bypass Rd, Al Mansoor Town, Abbottabad.
The Hangout Lounge in Abbottabad is a top destination for Italian and fast food lovers. Not only do they serve up delicious cuisine, but they are also a highly recommended spot in town. For more qu ...
The Mall Road, Murree.
Lintotts Restaurant is a popular dining destination in Murree, Pakistan. Known for its scenic views of the Himalayan mountains, the restaurant serves a range of Pakistani and Continental cuisine. T ...
Main Mansehra Road Yousuf Jamal Plaza, Abbottabad.
Cafe Route 35 is a popular cafe located in Abbottabad, Pakistan, known for its delicious food and cozy ambiance. The cafe offers a variety of dishes, including local and international cuisines, and ...
Main Expressway, Murree.
Chai Cup & Gup Shup restaurant in Murree is a charming tea house that offers a delightful fusion of flavors and conversations. Enjoy a wide range of aromatic teas paired with delicious snacks, ...
Dine in with a Dream view
Bagh-e-Shaheedan, Kashmir Point, Murree.
Rok Bistro Garden is a top-rated restaurant in Murree, renowned for its delectable cuisine. With a charming garden setting, it offers a delightful dining experience for all food enthusiasts. Indulg ...
sofa haveli, Khajut Murree.
Sofa Haveli is a haven for creating cherished memories, where every corner offers a unique experience. From the majestic mountains to the lush green fields adorned with beautiful plants, the breath ...
Mall Road, Murree.
Butt Karahi Murree is a tantalizing fusion of flavors in the heart of Murree. This delightful dish combines succulent pieces of marinated meat with a rich, aromatic karahi sauce. The Butt family's ...
Main Expressway near Lower Toppa, Murree.
Welcome to Pimiento Grill, the ultimate dining destination in Murree. Indulge in the finest cuisine and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable culinary experience. Nestled amidst the breathtakin ...

 Pakistani Famous Local Reastaurant must need to be visited

One of the most fun activities all around the world is visiting restaurant for food. People love to visit their favorite restaurants when they feel hungry. Food passionates love to explore new restaurant. Everyone loves to spend some quality time with friends and family while enjoying food at restaurants. Everyone loves to enjoy food with warm and friendly ambiance of the restaurant. People love to visit again and again to their favorite restaurants because they are familiar with their taste, ambience and service and they don’t want  to experience anything new. One of the major reasons of people visiting the same restaurant is that they love the taste of the chef cooking. Below we will explore the reason of visiting restaurants.

Reason of visiting restaurants

To enjoy the favorite cuisine- people love to visit the restaurant to enjoy their favorite food even if they need to pay some extra amount of it rather than cooking at home. People love to enjoy the food made by chef as they make delicate dishes for the customers. Dishes created in restaurant are master pieces because chef spends a lot of time in taking master class to enhance their cooking skills and make perfect balance taste for you on the table.  Some restaurant are famous because of continuous efforts ans techniques of chef while some restaurant carry generation immense pride in making the special dishes that are famous by the founder of restaurant.

You can celebrate life event- Usually People also visit restaurants when they want to celebrate their any family function or occasions like birthday party’s anniversaries and engagement ceremonies etc. Restaurants have setup for small social gathering events where you can enjoy food and gossips with your family friends and closed love ones

For official and informal meeting- People also visit restaurant for official meeting and some for unofficial meeting with friends. It has been seen that restaurants get their major chunk of revenue from these meeting. Couples usually come to enjoy food and make memories together. While some visit with their friends to hang out because they love to chill with their new and old friends.  No place is better than restaurant where you can enjoy food with perfect ambiance.  When guest arrive and you don’t have anything to cook you simply visit restaurants and if anyone is bad in cooking skills also visits restaurants frequently.

To get a break from cooking- no one loves to cook food in summer when there are many guest at your home in that situation people also visit restaurants.  We usually visit restaurants when we are going for shopping or going to watch movie in cinema because no one want to come back home and then also cook.

Chef Reputation- Some time chef reputation and skill motivate the people to visit restaurants. The success of restaurants dependent on the chef cooking.

Best dishes of Pakistan food you must try at restaurant

Pakistan food is packed with generous amount of ghee and spices but yet very tasteful. Desi ghee is considered as major key ingredient. We will start with nihari that is game changer and usually preferred to eat in morning breakfast. They used meat, spice, water, vegetable oil and ghee to cook nihari. It is cooked on low flame. Consistency of gravy is thick and has deep red color with floating desi ghee at the top. You can garnish with ginger lemon and fresh chopped chilies the two famous restaurants for nihari are waris nihari and javed nihari.

Pulao in Pakistan is considered as major cuisine for lunch time. Chef made this by using rice, oil, dry spice, meat and some time they also use entire leg piece. Pulao has great taste with beautiful looks the kabuli pulao is one of the famous dishes in area near Peshawar.

Karahi is another dish that is famous and loved by every Pakistani. You find karahi in every local restaurant that are created at every roadside.  Karahi are usually cooked with goat meat, sometimes with chicken and shrimp. They are served sizzling hot on your tables. You will find this dish all around the Pakistan in every small or big city.  butt karahi is one of famous restaurant and for shrimp karahi dua restaurant is famous.

Haleem is another dish loved by Pakistanis that is quite fulfilling that is made with combination of wheat, chickpeas and barley this dish came with the influence of middle east. It is made on slow cooking for whole day. Fried onions, fresh chopped chilles with lemon are served along with it.

Halwa puri is other famous breakfast in Pakistan the puris are made by rolling adough forming crispy layer puri. They are deep fried in desi ghee or oil and it is served with halwa to enjoy. It is also served with piping hot chickpeas and tea for making it breakfast meal.

Mutton kuroma is another classic dish famous throughout Punjab it has curry with chunk of goat and sheep meat with spices. Khan baba is famous restaurant for mutton kuorma.

There are other dishes like Biryani, chapli kebeb, paratha, bun kebab, saag makki ki roti, lassi, Saaji, Tikka kebab, Chaat, brain masla tikka boti and other cuisine eatables like Chinese, Italians and continental cuisines are always available but we have mentioned some famous Pakistani food served in restaurant.

Famous restaurant of Pakistan

Below are some of the famous restaurants of Pakistan  that are  café de hunza that is famous among all the traveler to enjoy the breakfast like cheeses toast omelet sandwiches fresh juice cappuccino and many more. Nisar charsi Tikka is another famous restaurant in Peshawar famous for grilled meat and karahi. Yak Restaurant famous in Gilgit baltistan where you will get Pakistan Italian and Chinese cuisine are available here. The monal restaurant serves Pakistan, Italian, thai, Chinese and morocco cuisine in restaurant. Restaurants is also famous because of it panoramic view from top. Lal Qila Restaurant will depict the Mughal era culture where you get many options like bbq, mughali tikkas and authentic Pakistani food. Andaaz Restaurant is famous eatery in Lahore you can enjoy with a view badshahi mosque here. Kaloachi Restaurnt is locate in Karachi on the beach side where you can eat sea food platters the fishes are caught freshly from sea. There are multiple other restaurants that have their own specialty like ginsoy extreme Chinese, usmania, Saigon café and restaurant, shabaz tikkas, Al fajar etc

Price of Food in Pakistan

The price of food will depend on type of food you will choose and type of restaurant you will choose if you are choosing a local restaurant the food will cost less expensive and if you want a full dining experience with good quality food and ambiance than the price may be bit expensive.

Pakistan is the country rich of culture so there are many famous cuisine and many famous restaurant that serves different types of cuisine throughout Pakistan. Some of the famous restaurant and some of the most favorite dishes of Pakistanis are listed above so whenever you plan to visit them you can see which restaurant has what type of specialty. If you want to visit any of the above restaurant you can simply contact them and can get the details related to prices and reservations.