Best Stationery Shops in Pakistan to Choose in 2023

Are you looking for stationery shops in Pakistan? presents contact information, addresses & names of the best stationery suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. Discover nearby stationers  with extensive business listings directory and send an email inquiry or make a call to the best one.

Indus Pencil Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Dependable name in stationery

B-54 Manghopir Road, Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Karachi.

The Indus Pencil Industries (Pvt) Ltd is located at Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Karachi, Pakistan.  The Indus Pencil Industries (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1955. At first organization began with the assembling of pencils and later on used its item range.  We are producing Black Lead Pencils (HB), Color Pencils, Color Pencils, Ball Points, Gel Pens, Fine Liners, Fibre Tip Coloring Markers, Fountain Pens, Color Gel Pens, Fine Liners, Fiber Tip Coloring Markers, Fountaion Pens, Color Gel Pen, Permanent Marker Highlighter, White Board Marker, Correction Pen, Sharpeners, Erasers, Crayons, Water Colors, Modelling Clay, Glue Stick, Scales, Mathematical Instruments, Ink For Fountain Pens, Ink for Markers and much more. For any inquiry please reach us through email and telephone number.

Al-Haram Stationers

Your ideas and feelings will be heartily welcome

Kabeer Street, Urdu Bazar Lahore.

The Al-Haram Stationers is located at Kabeer Street, Urdu Bazar Lahore, Pakistan. The Al-Haram Stationers has a solid conveyance and promoting network across the country. The Al-Haram Stationers has 50 people in our staff part when we sent off our first item the brand name "SENSA" in 1998. The Al-Haram Stationers Import both natural substance and completed items from different nations like the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and so forth. We are filling in as special features sole merchant of globally famous firms or brands all over the planet. "" is the biggest writing material internet based store that gives a wide range of Arts, Drawing and Crafts Materials, School and Office writing material, kinder nursery, learning sign and devices and considerably more. Save time and Buy online school or office writing material at a sensible cost at your entryway lash that is the joint endeavor of "Al-Haram Stationers" and "Urdu Bazar Mall". For any inquiry please reach us through email and telephone number.

Bahadur Group of Industries

Quality our main priority

24-KM Ferozepur Road, Near PSO Petrol Pump, Lahore.

The Bahadur Group of Industries is located at 24-KM Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan. The Bahadur Industries was framed by Mr. Muhammad Saleheen in 1960. The year 2015 set apart as milestone in Bahadurs set of experiences as we praised the organization Golden celebration - having being in help for 50 years, constantly offering unparalleled quality items. We are manufacturing Color Pencils, Erasers, Fountain Pens, Geometry Box, Glue Sticks, Office Supplies, Sharpeners, Pencils and much more. For any request kindly contact us through email and phone number.

Iqbal Printers and Stationers

Printers and Stationers

Ali Town Lahore.

The Iqbal Printers and Stationers is located at Ali Town Lahore, Pakistan. Where you find your office writing material Items and School fixed things and a lot more Items accessible for your office and school. We are deals in Stationery, Gifts, Mobile Accessories, Photocopy, Prints, Color Prints, Scanning, Mailing, Composing, Lamination, and Binding. For any inquiry please reach us through email and telephone number.

Shahsons (Private) Ltd.

Established in 1953 

D88 Manghopir Road SITE, Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Karachi.

The Shahsons (Private) Ltd is located Manghopir Road SITE, Sindh Industrial Trading Estate Karachi, Pakistan. The Shahsons (Private) Limited is occupied with the assembling and showcasing of value composing instruments beginning around 1953. The Shahsons (Private) Limited has a complete manufacturing capability of 1.8 million gross of Pencils for each Annum. A wide range of pencils are made at our plant which covers an area of north of 2 sections of land. We are producing Graphite Black Lead Pencils, Colour Lead Pencils, Charcoal Sketching Pencils, Cloth Marking Pencils, Water Colour Pencils, Medical Pencils, Wet Leather Marking Pencils, Checking Pencils, Glass Marking Pencils, etc. For any solicitation benevolently reach us through email and telephone number.

Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Framed in 1954

D-85, Metroville Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Karachi.

The Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd is located at Metroville Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Karachi, Pakistan. The Dollar of stationery was made the greater part a-century prior in 1954 when Mohammad Siddiq began planning and creating inks in a little spot arranged in the old town of Karachi. Dollar items are planned, created and delivered in a top notch fabricating base. We are producing allmark, Budjet, Clear Stick, Clipper, Color Marker, Ink, Gel-1, Glue Stick, Pointer, Paint Marker, Student Pen, Staples, Sick Pen, Pointer Stick and much more. For any inquiry please reach us through email and telephone number.

Tentwala Stationers

Established in early 20s

Rambagh Quarter Gari Khata, Karachi.

The Tentwala Stationers is located at Rambagh Quarter Gari Khata, Karachi, Pakistan. The Tentwala Stationers is laid out in mid 20s with our first actual office in Karachi. is the quickest developing and driving organization for writing material and office supplies. We offer our exceptional administrations to corporate, blue-chip organizations, public area associations, and different SMEs. We assurance to give pioneer quality school writing material, office writing material, office machines, office staple things, notice sheets, whiteboards, flip diagram sheets, careful things, wellbeing hardware, and cleaning material. Our clients depend on our exceptional administrations to get cost-saving items that meets their prerequisite. For any request kindly contact us through email and phone number.

Hamdam Paper Products (Pvt) Ltd.

65 Years of Eperience

Urdu Bazar, Main Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road, Saddar Town, Karachi.

The Hamdam Paper Products (Pvt) Ltd is located at Urdu Bazar, Main Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road, Saddar Town, Karachi.  The Hamdam Paper Products (Private) Limited is one of the main Paper Products Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan with north of 65 Years of Experience. Our brand H.B. is the most established and the most famous brand for Paper Products, in Pakistan. Our product are Registers, Bill Books, Spiral Note Book, Writing Pads, Financial Products, Exercise Copies and Note Book. For any solicitation benevolently reach us through email and telephone number.

Kalat Stationers, Asan Books

Working for over 45 years

Aiwan ilm Plaza, 18 Urdu Bazar, Lahore.

The Kalat Stationers, Asan Books is located at Aiwan ilm Plaza, 18 Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Pakistan. Kalat Stationers is the trailblazer distributer in Balochistan and was enlisted in West Pakistan Text Book Board and consistently working for over 45 years. For any solicitation benevolently reach us through email and telephone number.

Shark Stationery Pakistan

Right to education is a fundamental right of every child

14C? Ln. 3, Stadium Commercial Area, Phase V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

The Shark Stationery Pakistan is located at Stadium Commercial Area, Phase V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. The brand Shark was laid out with a legacy of north of 100 years in the writing material area. Our Shark Pencil and Color brand are the most settled and the most renowned brand for paper products, in Pakistan. For any inquiry please reach us through email and telephone number.

All you to know about stationary items avialable in Pakistan

Stationary item are used in our daily live. It is need of diverse fields like lawyer, poets, vegetable vendor’s teacher’s student’s artist and many more. The importance of stationary item is remaining constant because everyone needs them in their daily life. Stationary items cover the wide range of items from color pencils to envelopes, to portfolios to business cards. Stationary items help you to design, prepare presentation and messages for your product thus; stationary items can be used for marketing. Stationary items are multifunctional and cost effective.

As parents you must be familiar with your child stationary needs as child learn new thing daily in school so they are bit curious that how to learn these new thing in this situation you can buy different stationary item for your children so they take interesting learning new concept of writing and drawing skills. Even in schools they use different colors and other stationary item to create attractive piece of art that attract children in their early age. Like in child early days of school teachers teach students how to use lead pencils later on use of color pencil, crayons and paint that are stationary items. These writing skills will not only help your child to only recognize the alphabet but also help them to control their hand movement.

Usage of stationary item at different level

Stationary used to enhance the learning process of children-For students whether it is pre-nursery or graduate level study stationary items are mandatory throughout their learning procedure. The stationary items may differ depending upon the subjects like for fine arts subject you need to paints, paint brushes, canvas ,color mixing palette etc.

Stationary item for professionalism and image building- In today’s world work places are considered sum of your professional image and quality of service in your company. In many cases when you present things to your clients they may sign up the project with in that case you need to choose right type of stationary item for designing and branding. If you want to present a file to your clients you need to take prints out of the design options. The quality of paper you will use for printing and pens you are using for taking notes will improve the interactions with the clients.

Tips for choosing the right Stationary items

Stationary item are used to maintain record for writing and creating the perfect art pieces.  The use of stationary is very much needed in homes, schools and offices. You will find multiple options in stationary items from online and physical shops. People are considering that stationary items will vanish soon from market because of the technological advancement as tablets laptops have replaced the document, printout and books but still the use of stationary item in Pakistan in offices and school is unavoidable. To get yourself the right type of item consider these tips

Find your Interest – when you are finding the stationary choose the items that represent your personality for children choose the colorful and fun stationary item because they are attracted towards them rather than plain one. If you are running an office you can customize the stationary items for your official use.

Define Purpose- when you are buying stationary consider the reason of buying and think how you going to use these items like sticky notes are used for taking small task notes on the system  and important for taking notes in office and school. Similarly highlight the reason of buying items.

Budget- the important thing when buying stationary items is considering your budget the price of stationary item varies from brand to brand. The stationary items are available in multiple price ranges. So it is best to spend on stationary items that are you in need of instead of buying extra stationary items that are you not in need.

Quality- get the detail of shop from where you are buying your stationary items. See whether they provide any guarantee for quality products. Always choose the stationary items that will last longer and will meet your need.

Types of stationary item

There are different types of stationary item that are School supplies, office supplies, art supplies, journal and miscellaneous.

School Supplies

Pens and pencils- they are the major essential requirement of every school students. Children need them too take note and mark important point on notes. Stationary shops have large stock of pen, pencil, color pencils and stationary boxes.

Notebooks- in note book student maintain their notes that they can use later. There are different types of notebook that serve different purpose. School usually has the customized note books. The subject note books that have dividers in them for taking notes for separate subject in separate section.

Scrapbooks- scrapbooks are used to save memories you can have scrap book in multiple color and as well in white plain chart pages. They are used for making collages or paintings.

The other school supplies include planner, filing storage and activity books.

Office Supplies- there are some essential requirement for employees to work efficiently and effectively in office that are paper clips, paper for printing, binders, files and punching machine. Office stationary items are used to perform day to day operation.

Art Supplies-You can order the art supplies online if hesitate to visit a store you will get calligraphy kits , paint brushes, gold foils , canvas, markers, oil paints, glitters, acyclic and many more items to create master pieces.

The other types of stationary items are journals, Books, Greeting Cards, Gift Papers, Miscellaneous and Bookmarks


The importance of stationary item will remain constant because everyone need them in their daily life. Stationary items cover the wide range of items from color pencils to envelopes to portfolios to business cards. Stationary items are used to maintain record for writing and creating the perfect art pieces. In this article we discussed the types of stationary items, usage of stationary item at different level and tips for buying stationary items. If you are planning to buy stationary items in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best stationary items shops for you. Just send message to multiple best stationary items shops and get different quotes.

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