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All you want to know about public and private testing services in Pakistan

There are multiple testing services in Pakistan some are for educational and some are for recruitment purpose Pakistan is developing country and public and private both type of organization institution are relying on these test services. There are some governments and private testing services the history of testing service is older than Pakistan when British formed and practice recruitment commission and that become the part of constitution in noted India. The needs of recruitment commission and agencies are coming before the independence of Pakistan. The unemployment rate in Pakistan is 5 percent so mostly the services came into existence to fulfill the need of appointment but now there are many testing services that are used for educational purpose to get your admission in university and also for recruitment sector.

Categories of Pakistan testing services

These are many testing service operating in Pakistan in collaboration with government and private sectors and sometime they work for both sectors some testing services are constitution bodies but there are some private testing service that are established by federal and local government. So the categories are divided into government and private.

Government testing services are commissions as they are ruled by constitution of Pakistan so they have their own constitutional structure like member chairman or chair person. There are 7 major constitution  testing services in Pakistan that are Punjab public service commission , Sindh public service commission KPK public service commission, Baluchistan public service commission, National testing service, AJK public service commission and Federal public service commission. All the commission consist of the following member that are the chairman the directors, three serving member, secretaries, deputy directors, assistants superintendents, junior clerk, computer officer, senior clerk and other supporting bodies.

Punjab Public Service Commission – PPSC- it is government testing authority that usually conduct test for recruitment purposes and help government organization to find the right match for the job. The Punjab government departments advertise about vacant position advertisement via PPSC. The head office is in Lahore.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission of Pakistan – KPSC- is working under constitution of Pakistan 1973. The major function of this testing service is to recruit civil servants, bureaucrats and government official. It is laying major role in executive of the province. Its head office is located in Peshawar.

Sindh PSC – Sindh Public Service Commission – SPCC- SPC was established under ruling of English in 1926 before the creation of Pakistan. It is also used for recruitment procedure. They conduct screening test and the short list the candidates for interview. It designs policies and regulation for civil servants of Pakistan under the   supervision of Sindh minister. It head office is located in Karachi.

Baluchistan PSC – Public Service Commission – BPSC- they were established in 1973 to do assign mission of managing screening test, their results , interview and final list of selected candidates for the position like all commission they also appoint civil servants and other government offices. Its head office is in Quetta.

Federal PSC – Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan- FPSC- they conducts test for recruitment. They conduct their test with high trained team on basis of fairness. They work independently nationwide. Its head office is in Islamabad and came into existence in 1964. There are different wings that are paper setting, curriculum wings and test conducting.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Pakistan – AJKPSC – It is recruitment commission for azad jammu Kashmir region. In December 1950 the azad jammu Kashmir was integrated in Pakistan they are also responsible for interview and written test of bureaucratic officers and civil servants. The head quarter of AJKPSC is located in muzaffarabad.

NTS- it is fast independent testing agency that came into existence in 2002. They are compliance with the nation vision and performing their job duty with full sincerity. There are many types of test conducted by NTS for recruitment and for education purpose as well.

There are private organization that are providing testing services that are Pakistan Testing Service, Sindh Testing Service, Open Testing Service, Interior Testing Service, Baluchistan Testing Service, Candidate Testing Service, Fair Testing Service, Job Testing Service, Islamabad Testing Service, National Testing Service, Allied Testing Service and there are many more like them.

Pakistan Testing Service PTS- It was established in 2014. They manage the admission scholarship recruitment and self-assessment. The major expertise of PTS is in medical, office management, engineering, audit, chemistry, physics, risk and management, English, telecommunication, banking, audit and many more.

Open Testing Service OTS- It is the third largest testing service after PTS and NTS. They came into existence in 2012. Many public and private institutions opt for OTS testing service for admission test, scholarship or for recruitment of people. They have various tests in Punjab, KPS, Sindh, AJK and Baluchistan.

Candidate Testing Services CTS- they have successfully completed some project and establish as private testing service. Many public and private institutions opt for CTS testing service for entry test, and for recruitment of people.

Interior Testing Service ITS-they have expertise in international scholarship, Human resource solution education and internship and provide services to both and public sector.

Sindh Testing Service- they are self-sustained testing company that is registered in GOP. They are transparent, fair and provide high testing environment to the candidates.

Islamabad Testing Services- they came into existence in 2007 and provide multiple service regarding testing services. They are conducting test nationwide for entry level test and for recruitment purpose.

Allied Testing Services ATS- It came into existence into 2017 and they are providing services nationwide in Pakistan since it came into existence.


There are many testing service operating in Pakistan in collaboration with government and private sectors and sometime they work for both sectors. The testing services are used for educational purpose to get your admission in university and for recruitment purpose in private and public organization. In the article we have discussed some best private and public testing service available in Pakistan. If you are searching for the best testing service within Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best testing service list for you. Just send message to multiple testing service and get relevant information.


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