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10 Best Basketballs Exporters and Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

Are you looking for basketballs exporters and manufacturers in Pakistan? b2c.com.pk presents contact numbers, addresses, and names of companies deals in basketballs. Discover the best basketball suppliers around you with b2c.com.pk extensive business listings directory and send an email inquiry or make a call to the best one.

Capital Sports
Capital, another well-known sportswear producer
Kashmir Road, Sialkot.

Capital Sports is a famous sportswear maker that focuses on giving customers an all-in-one solution. They keep improving their tools to make better products for everyone – guys, gals, and kids. They offer a huge variety of stuff. Plus, they're tight with Adidas, a super famous company. They make lots of things like balls, sporty clothes, hats, shoes, bags, and outfits for martial arts.

Wembley Sports
Purchase High Quality Sporting Items from Sialkot
Dak Wala Stop Sadra Badra, Sialkot.

Wembley Sports is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Wembley Sports is the best sports outlet one can find in town. It has been satisfying its customers for the last 30 years. If you are looking for sports goods in Sialkot then you are at the right spot, feel free to contact us anytime in case of any query.

Campro Sports
Buy Best Quality Sporting Items in Pakistan 
1km Off Noul More, Roras Rd, Dogra Khurd, Sialkot, 51310, Pakistan.

Campro Sports is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Worldwide fashion store since 2010. We sell over 1000+ branded products on our web-site. We deal in all kinds of sports, if you are looking for sports items in Sialkot you must contact us.

Enqueue Sports
Premium international brands of Sport Products
Crescent Plaza, Shop # 8, Opposite Dhaka Sweets, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Enqueue Sports is located at F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Premium international brands of Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Swim Gear/shoes/accessories and Premium clothing are all available under one roof. Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Capital Sports
Winner of The Best Innovation Award 2009 from ADIDAS 
Kashmir Road, Pakka Garha, Sialkot, Pakistan

Capital Sports is located at Pakka Garha, Sialkot, Pakistan. Capital Sports is a renowned manufacturing brand making and supplying superior quality customized/personalized sportswear, casual wear, sublimated garments, footballs, rugby balls, volleyballs, sports shoes, casual shoes, bags, socks, caps, and scarves, etc. Following are a few prominent names from the long list of our valued customers: Adidas, Tachikara, Molten, Diadora, Spalding, Spartan, Kappa, and Web Ellis. Please submit any questions, concerns, or general feedback in the space below along with your name and email address.

Asif Ali Enterprises
Buy Best Quality BasketBalls in Pakistan
Pacca Garha, Kashmir Road, Sialkot, Pakistan.

Asif Ali Enterprises is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Asif Ali Enterprises is listed in Sports Goods Mfrs. & Exporters, we have the best quailty sporting items. If you are looking for sporting goods in Sialkot, you are at the right spot. Feel free to contact us anytime in case of any query.

Sayor International
Purchase Best Quality BasketBalls in Pakistan
Meera Manzal, Royal Street, Naika Pura Sialkot 51310 Pakistan.

Sayor International is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. ayor International, A Professional Managed Company was established in Year 1998. it has equiped modren machinery and big manufacturing unit company rising many production departments.Sayor International, offers a waranty on the workmanship of each and every products for a complete satisfaction of the customers. So feel free to contact us anytime in case of any query.

Roshi Sports
Buy High Quality BasketBalls in Pakistan
Shop 29-a,hajvery Tower,chuburji Lahore.

Roshi Sports is based in Lahore, Pakistan. We deal in all types of sporting goods in Pakistan. Our mission is to provide the best quality porducts to our customers. We have the best quality products, Roshi Sports is part of Sports & Games Directory, feel free to contact us anytime in case of anytime in case of any query.

Sumi Sports
Old and Professional Suppliers of Footballs
Rehmat Pura, Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan

Sumi Sports is located at Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are very old and professional suppliers of Footballs, Soccer balls, Rugby Balls, Basket Balls, and Volley Balls in Europe, and many other worldwide states. We started our family business from our forefathers in 1972 who were very technical and professional in this profession of manufacturing balls. They focused on each measurement and technique which can make this product better and better and thus gained the interest of many local and foreign companies to work for them, so it started this way. Have a question or comment? Use the form below to send us a message or contact us by mail.

Neo Technological Zone
Manufacturer & Exporter of Professional Soccer Balls and Team Kits, Since 2003
51-Ali Park, New Civil Lines, Sialkot, Pakistan

Neo Technological Zone is located at New Civil Lines, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are a Manufacturer & Exporter of Professional Soccer Balls and Team Kits, since 2003. Most professional Sporting Goods with elegant designs and high-quality materials are produced in our manufacturing company. We have cost-effective prices for Soccer Balls, Futsal Indoor Balls, Rugby Balls, Handballs, Basketballs, Uniforms, Training Suits, and other Sports related items. If you have any questions or require more information regarding our products, please fill out the form below and our support team will get back to you before you know it!

Most Famous Game in Schools and College: BasketBall

Basket Ball is the sport that is true invention of American. Basketball sport attracts professionals as well as high school student. It attracts people to watch live game and also people enjoy watching television coverage of national and international events. Thus, American players and coaches of basketball are famous all around the world . The space used for playing basketball is rectangular in shape. The pieces of equipment used for game are: one is basketball itself and at both ends there is elevated basket in the long direction of rectangular court. Basket balls varies in size they ranges in between 28.5 to 40 circumference and usually weight in between 50g to 624 g but  players that are below the high the school can use small balls or practice balls. The ball is made up of rubber, leather or synthetic. According to the regulation the only color for basketball is orange in every level of play. The balls are provided by the home team in matches.

Raw Materials

The outside of basketballs is made up of rubber, leather or synthetic rubber. There is carcass and air inside the bladder it has balloon like structure. The carcass has polyester or tread of nylon in it and bladder is made up of butyl rubber. To label the ball they used preprinted decals and to imprint label information they used foil. To affix the decal and imprint they used zinc and copper plates.

How to choose a best basketball for yourself

Choosing the best basketball help you to play at your best no matter whether you lose or win you will enjoy if you have the ideal basketball below are the certain aspects that you need to see while before buying a basketball whether you are beginner or professional these steps will help you to select the basketball of appropriate material and size that will help you to perform at your best.

Sizes- The first thing while buying basketball is to see the appropriate size of the ball for playing. As playing with inappropriate size will have negative impact on you. There particular restriction for various matches of basketball regarding the material color and size. Size 7  is 29.5 inches in circumference has a weight of 22oz. these size of ball is used by professional  men players of basketball. These balls are also used by leagues at high school and at Men College. Size 6 ball are 28.5 ‘’ in circumference and has a weight of 20 oz. Size 6 balls are bit smaller than size 7 basket balls. This makes them ideal for players that have small hand spans. For women professional it is the official ball size and these balls are usually used at high school leagues and women’s college and even in youth league for player that are 12 and above. Size 5 is used for players that age between 8 to 11 years old. The circumference of this ball is around 27.5-27.75” and weight of ball is in between 14-16 oz. for youth league it is best basketball size. There is another size in basketball that is size 4 the circumference of these ball are 25.5” and weight is around 14oz these basketball are children friendly that are used by people that are age of 4 to 8. Size 3 is for youngest players these balls have weight of 10 oz and 22” basketball.

Surface- While choosing basketball you should consider on what kind of surface you will use to play basketball. With passage of  time playing styles have been changed so the designs of basketball became more advanced. As there are two types of basketball one is used for outdoor courts and one for indoor courts. Basketball for outdoor court needs more rugged construction. These ball are deigns for rough surface to bear weather so they are more durable. Balls design for indoor court need more forgiving construction and design for more delicate surfaces. 

Material-The basket balls are made or leather or rubber and synthetic basketballs. Rubber basketball are more durable and best for outdoor they are inexpensive and has excellent grip and available in different pattern and color best for casual playing. Composite basket balls are also known as synthetic basketball best for indoor and outdoor they are most popular basketball type and more durable than leather basket balls

Price of Basketball in Pakistan

The price of ball may vary depending on the material and size of ball the lowest price of basketball in Pakistan is around 200 rupees and the estimated average price of basketball is around 1600 rupees.

Basketball sport is the invention of Americans. This game is very famous many people love to play this sport and watch the coverage of television of national international level leagues. While choosing the basketball for yourself you must consider which size and material is suitable for you. You should also see on what surface you will use the ball to play because there are different material ball for indoor and outdoor courts. For your ease and your convenience we have compiled basketball manufacturing companies in Pakistan.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many basketball dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealer according to your need, convenience and budget.