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Best Laminate Flooring Dealers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Roshan Center, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.

Shaze is an Islamabad based company dedicated to providing clients with creative kitchen concepts, high quality kitchen design for small kitchen, modern kitchen, home kitchen and commercial kitchens with flawless execution. Contact now! to book an appointment with our kitchen designer and planner for beautiful kitchen.

203 Main Canal Road, Near Wafaqi Colony, Lahore.

Hadayat & Co, a reputable company based in Lahore, is dedicated to delivering world-class comfort and style to its customers. Specializing in sourcing premium finishing products, they offer an extensive range of high-quality construction materials, setting new standards in the industry. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Hadayat & Co has become a trusted name, providing top-notch service and a wide selection of luxury products. For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Ground Floor Awami Complex, New Garden Town, Lahore

Decora, a PVC compounding pioneer in Pakistan with a three-decade legacy, was founded by Haji Muhammad Islam in 1976. Initially producing cable compounds, we later expanded into shoe compounds. Decora is now a trusted brand, realizing its vision of locally manufacturing plastic materials previously imported. In 1982, ITTEFAQ PVC Pipes was established, followed by Asian Cable in 1984. In 1988, Decora introduced vinyl floor tiles and sheets, becoming one of Pakistan's largest PVC and vinyl floor tile manufacturers. Notably, Decora's PVC Waterstoppers, introduced in 1995, gained global recognition and certifications from renowned institutes. In 2006, the company achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certification, showcasing its unwavering commitment to quality. Today, Decora's PVC Waterstoppers are integral to diverse construction projects, revolutionizing the industry.

Alif Interiors
Guaranteed Product in Islamabad
Bukhari Plaza, GT Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

Alif Interiors is located at Bukhari Plaza, GT Road, Islamabad, Pakistan. Alif Interiors has a wide range and top-quality PVC panel that looks attractive and make your room and office attractive and looks good. Call us to know about further details or book an appointment online. For any query and information related to Alif Interiors and its best quality product is Vinyl Flooring, Window Blinds, Wallpaper, and PVC Panels. Contact us through email and phone number.

Surya Interior Designer
One of the Top Interior Designing Company
3rd Floor, Plot 12-C, Street 30, Touheed Commercial Area, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Surya Interior designer is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Surya Interior Design was established in 2001 by professional designer Mr.Yaqoob Surya. Since the beginning of its business, Surya Interior Design (SID) has always remained keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends. Experience, hard work and excellent client communication have made us one of the most trusted names in the interior contracting business. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Home Services Provider
M-49, Zainab Tower, Link Road, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Decorita.Pk is located at Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan. Decorita.Pk had been working as an interior designer for the last 7 years and making your home and office glorious and charming. We have high-quality products that are Curtain, Wallpaper, Carpet, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, PVC Panel, Window Blind. If you are looking for the best home service then Decorita.Pk is the best choice.

Al-Habib Panel Doors
One of the most Recognized Name
64 Balour Palace, Beadon Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Al-Habib Panel Doors is located at Beadon Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Al-Habib Panel Doors offers Solid Doors, Main Double Doors (Diyar Wood, Kail Wood, Ash Wood, Pertal Wood), Fiber Panel Doors, Panel Skin Doors (Malaysian pores and skin, Pakistani pores and skin) Ash and Teak pores, and skin doorways, UPVC Doors, Furniture, Fitted wardrobes, Standing Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets and All form of woodwork ETC.

Pollex Solutions
We Provide Affordable & Professional Services
106-A, Zarrar Shaeed Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Pollex Solutions is located in Lahore, Pakistan. We deal with Window Blinds, Tiles Installation, Plumber, Laminate Flooring, Interior Designer, Vinyl Flooring, and 3D designer. Well, look no more as Pollex Solutions offers effective and reliable service in Lahore. Whether you are looking for routine maintenance work or emergency service just give us a call, and we will assist you as soon as possible. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Al Asif Hardware and Interiors
High-Quality Hardware and Interiors
Pir Plaza, Sumbal Road, F 10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Al Asif Hardware and Interiors is located at F 10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan. Al Asif Hardware and Interiors is a preeminent hardware and interiors solution provided in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We provide exceptional services of wallpapers, blinds, flooring, kitchen designing, wall panelling, and more. We have all Imported brands at our store like Yale, Mandelli, Estamp, Ieso, Wellmax, Legacy, Faus under one roof. Visit our services and products to explore more.

Sultania Interiors
Shaping your Dreams
China Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan

Sultania Interiors is located at China Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan. Sultania Interiors is growing fastly with our high quality and 100% original products. Our products include Wallpaper, Vinyl Flooring, PVC panels, Curtains, and Window Blind, etc. If you are looking for Sultania Interiors in Lahore, talk to us now! or visit Sultania Interiors in Lahore for the best prices with guaranteed product.

Laminate Floor Best for Your Home rooms

Picking the right floor type for your new home or renovation is difficult task as you need to see many factors and options to choose from. If you want to go for something durable and that too in your budget is than laminate flooring is best suitable option for you. Home owners preferred laminate flooring because they are easy to maintain, install, moisture and heat resistant and is more affordable than hardwood flooring. There are different designs in laminate flooring as they aredurable that made it best option for room in your house.

Laminate flooring is one of the most famous flooring types used for residential livings as they are attractive and durable as well. The upper layer Laminate flooring resembles with wood or stone that is covered by protection layer. The underneath layer is made up of melamine resin and fiber board material. People start using laminate flooring from 1970’s and it remains popular choice of people till now. There is continuous growth in laminate market because it has gain attention of many house owners and interior designs because of the recent developments in printing technology and design.

Why you should install laminate flooring at your house?

Affordable than Wood flooring- some of the laminate option are so affordable than hardwood flooring that they are half of the price of wood flooring always expect laminate flooring properly before installation as there is chance it might wear out sooner than expected. Instead of cost of material there are charged for installation of specific flooring as hardwood flooring is usually installed by expert team and they charge same price for installation as the price of hardwood flooring per sq ft. Laminate floor are DIY friendly but it is better to hire professionals because they have right experience and tools. They charge less cost to install laminate flooring than hardwood flooring.

Durability and resilience-As they are not refinished so home owner are bit worried about its durability and resilience but in fact laminate flooring has high durability because upper layer of flooring is design in such a way that will stand heavy traffic dents, strain and scratches. If one part of laminate flooring gets damaged you can easily replace it with individual laminate plank.

Easy maintenance and installation-Usually home owner who want to renovate certain part of their home use laminate flooring as they are DIY friendly and easy to install. Glue is not used in these flooring as they are work in tong and give mechanism. Individual laminate planks are connected on the stable sub floor. You need professional to see whether laminate flooring is properly applied on the sub floor.

Laminate floor require little maintenance you can simply vacuum or broom to clear the dustbin you can occasionally do mopping as water is seep into crevices of planks. If you immediately dap the spill or stains with cloth it will not leave any mark.

Multiple Styles to Choose From-There are number of styles patterns and colors of laminate flooring that can match your room décor and styles. Laminate floors are usually come in wooden patterns like shade of natural wood but there are other multiple colors like black and red. There are some manufactures that offer textured laminate flooring.

Look perfect in every room-As there are flooring types that can only be installed in specific room like hard flooring cannot be installed in the areas where there is too much moisture. But laminated flooring can be installed in kitchen and basements as well.

Resistant to damages caused due to contraction and expansion-As laminate flooring is locked with each other so issues like snapping and bucking are less common in laminate flooring as they are not glued on the subfloor that gives the room to contract and expand when there is temperature chance or due to water damage.To protect laminate from moisture you can use moisture barrier underneath as laminate flooring in not resistant to water.

Cost of laminate flooring in Pakistan

There are different patterns colors of laminate flooring so price depends on the types and pattern you are choosing for your home. The estimated price of laminate flooring in Pakistan is around 200 rupees to 400 rupees per sqft.