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Thandiani Abbottabad

Pakistan is one of the amazing countries that is blessed with all types of weather with diverse landscapes by the grace of Allah Almighty. As some amazing breathtaking views attract tourists worldwide and contribute significantly to the country's economy. The word Thandiani means cold, a characteristic that becomes evident when visiting the place, as it tends to be quite chilly.

The mountain of Thandiani Abbottabad is approximately 9000 feet above sea level or 2750 meters and is located in the Abbottabad district of Kyhber Pakhtunkhwa Thandiani is a haven for nature enthusiasts and a popular destination for tourists, both local and international. Known for its captivating views and surrounded by dense forests, this mountainous retreat is not only a picturesque spot for picnics but also a source of income for many in Pakistan's tourism sector.

In winter the Thandiani trek is bit difficult but it is give a memorizing view. It is just 31 km away from the city of Abbottabad. It is hardly a 90 minutes drive from Abbottabad city to the top of Thandiani Abbottabad.

The History of Thandinai

Thandiani, also known as "Little Switzerland," boasts a rich history dating back to the British Raj era. Established in 1893 as a hill station for British troops and administrators seeking respite from the scorching heat of the plains, it quickly gained popularity for its picturesque landscapes and refreshing climate. The British constructed several colonial-era buildings, including churches, rest houses, and a dak bungalow, some of which stand today as testaments to the area's past. Thandiani transitioned into a popular tourist destination after independence, attracting visitors with its natural beauty and historical charm.

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How to travel Thandiani from Abbottabad?

To explore Thandiani from Abbottabad, consider renting a Suzuki Carry Dabba from Sarben Chowk or Missile Chowk. The rental cost for a Suzuki is approximately 9000 to 12000 rupees for a day. It is advisable to embark on your journey early in the morning and return before nightfall to maximize your experience.

Alternatively, you can hire a Hiace from a travel operator in Abbottabad. If you prefer, you can also use your vehicle, as the mountain is accessible by any vehicle type. A notable advantage of the summer trip is the opportunity to enjoy pleasant weather while the rest of Pakistan experiences intense heat.

Along the route, before reaching Thandiani Point, you can find restaurants and hotels for a convenient stop. Ensure you plan your journey considering the steep terrain and the potential for motion sickness, making necessary stops for breaks, and enjoying the scenic views.

When to travel Thandiani?

  • The best time to visit Thandiani is during the summer months (April to June) when the weather is most pleasant.
  • Spring and autumn are also favorable, offering a mix of comfortable temperatures and scenic landscapes.
  • While winters bring a snowy charm, they might not be ideal for everyone due to colder temperatures.

Notable Landmarks along the Way:

  • As you travel from Abbottabad to Thandiani, you'll encounter attractive landscapes and may pass through smaller towns and villages.

  • Notable landmarks on the route may include scenic viewpoints, Kala Pani Point, local markets, and natural attractions.

  • Consider taking breaks at viewpoints to enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the way.

  • You can also enjoy Tea with Pakora at Kala Pani.

Hotels in Thandiani:

Following are some of the best hotels near Thandinai.

1- Pine Breeze Hotel:

This hotel is located in the heart of Thandiani and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It has a variety of rooms and suites to choose from, as well as a restaurant, spa, and fitness center.

2- Hill View Hotel:

This hotel is also located in a scenic location and offers comfortable accommodations at affordable prices. It has a restaurant, a garden, and a children's playground.

3- Midway Guest House:

This guest house is a more budget-friendly option and is located close to the main bazaar. It has basic amenities but is clean and comfortable.

4- The Point by Roomy:

The Point by Roomy hotel in Thandiani is surrounded by dense pine forests, The Point by Roomy is the ultimate escape to take a break from everyday life. With sweeping views from the balconies, modern rooms, multiple bonfire areas, and multi-level lawns, this hotel is the perfect getaway for you and your family.

We recommend visiting Thandiani during the day and booking a hotel in Abbottabad city. In the city, you have a variety of hotel options that are also reasonably priced.

Distance from Islamabad to Thandinai top

The distance from Islamabad to Thandiani top is approximately 146km which takes around 4 to 5 hours but Abbottabad city has peak rush hours from 11 am to 3 pm and Thandiani road is also congested so it is better to travel early morning.

Abbottabad to Thandinai Distance:

Abbottabad to Thandiani distance is approx 31 kilometers and the drive takes about 90 minutes.

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Route map toward Thandiani Mountain

If you need to visit city of Abbottabad. Take exit from havelian on the hazaramotoway. Now you can drive straight towards the city of Abbottabad and from baloch regimental center chowk take turn to the right towards murree, nathiagali. Travel straight road of Nathiagali Abbottabad and take left turn from durbar peenasharif this straight road will lead you toward the thandiani mountain.

Weather in Thandiani Abbottabad

Whether it is hot summer months of June and july or winter the temperature in thandiani is not more than 30o Celsius. During summer it rains and some time there is rainfall on daily basis. During summers usually there is occurrence of hail storms. During winters the temperature in thandiani fall sharply and most of the time it is close to 0 degree centigrade. It is quite difficult to survive on mountain in winters because of snow and wind speed. Electricity in the hotel is unpredictable so it is difficult to manage things so most of the time people visit at day time. But avoid staying at night.

Guest Houses in Thandiani Abbottabad

Metrological Department of Pakistan has some best guest houses in Thandiani which you can easily book by visiting the official website of Metrological Department Pakistan. Guest houses in Thandiani are Pakistan television guest house that has the second largest guest rooms. Pakistan Air Force and Army guest House in Thandiani to book this guest house you need to contact some officer.

Accommodation Options:

Thandiani offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler's preference. From hotels with panoramic views to camping pods for a more adventurous stay, visitors can choose the setting that best complements their experience. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons. The best hotels in Thandiani are approx 3 to 4 KM from Thandiani top or another option is to book a hotel in Abbottabad city.

Things to Do in Thandiani:

  • Hiking: Explore the stunning natural beauty of Thandiani through numerous hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging treks. Popular routes include the Pine Walk, the Waterfalls Trail, and the Old Thandiani Trek.

  • Horseback Riding: Embark on a scenic horseback riding adventure through the serene landscapes, offering a unique perspective of the hills and valleys. Local guides can be arranged for a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Camping: Immerse yourself in nature by setting up camp under the starlit sky at designated campsites like Camp Oo or The Meadows. Enjoy bonfires, stargazing, and the tranquility of the outdoors.

  • Sightseeing: Visit historical landmarks like the colonial-era churches, the dak bungalow, and the PTDC Rest House, offering glimpses into the past. Explore the local bazaar for souvenirs and handicrafts.

Tips for Responsible Tourism:

As with any natural wonder, responsible tourism practices are crucial. Visitors are encouraged to follow leave-no-trace principles, support local businesses, and respect the delicate balance of the environment and wildlife in Thandiani.


  • Be sure to pack warm clothes, even in the summer, as the temperature can drop at night.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat, as the sun is strong at high altitudes.
  • Bring insect repellent, as there can be mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Be aware of the risk of landslides, especially during the monsoon season (July to September).
  • Do not litter and help keep Thandiani clean.

Map of Thandinai Abbottabad



In summary, Thandiani is a peaceful place that invites anyone looking for a calm getaway. It's not far from Abbottabad, and its beauty and things to do make it a place you must visit. Whether you stay in a hotel, or guest house or try the fun of camping pods, horse riding or hiking Thandiani guarantees a memorable experience that stays with you long after you return home.