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2022 Jobs in Pakistan | Government & Private Jobs

If you are searching for jobs in Pakistan and looking for the best online website, you have found the right place. Our job portal provides job hunters with advertisements from various sources into one single location. Whether you're searching through classifieds or want to look at the latest vacancies to arrive, we've got everything here for you! Here you can easily track down the entire latest government and private newspaper jobs in Pakistan. With the help of our job portal you can spend less time combing online classifieds and more time getting your application together. It doesn’t matter what career you have in mind - you’ll always get new, fresh jobs in Pakistan on our home page every morning.

Cheif Pilot Officer Incharge Job at Aviation Flight (RW)

Cheif Pilot Officer Incharge Job at Aviation Flight (RW)

Aviation Flight Rotary Wing Lahore is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Cheif Pilot Officer Incharge in Lahore. The advertisement for this job was published in Daily Dunya ...
LAST DATE: 19-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Site Engineer and Supervisor Job at Housing Directorate GHQ

Site Engineer and Supervisor Job at Housing Directorate GHQ

Housing Directorate GHQ Human Resources Rawalpindi is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Driver, Cptr Ops, Surveyor, Auditor and Site Engineer & Supervisor (Electrical, Mech ...
LAST DATE: 08-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Junior Engineer Electrical Job at (IESCO)

Junior Engineer Electrical Job at (IESCO)

Islamabad Electric Supply Company has been announced is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Junior Engineer Electrical and Assistant Directors Customer Services / Revenue Of ...
LAST DATE: 14-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Chief Executive Officer Job at (PDD)

Chief Executive Officer Job at (PDD)

Planning & Development Department Balochistan is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Associate Chief Executive Officer in \Quetta, Balochistan. The advertisement for this job ...
Quetta, Balochistan
LAST DATE: 16-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Trail Manager and Research Assistant Job at (KMU)

Trail Manager and Research Assistant Job at (KMU)

Khyber Medical University Peshawar is looking Dynamic , Experience, Brilliant Candidate for the position of Ph.D Fellow Post-Doc Fellow, Data Manager, Research Assistant, Trail Manager and Qualit ...
LAST DATE: 12-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Medical and Lady Medical Officer Job at An esteemed Public Sector Organization

Medical and Lady Medical Officer Job at An esteemed Public Sector Organization

An esteemed Public Sector Organization Karachi is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Medical and Lady Medical Officer in Karachi. The advertisement for this job was publishe ...
LAST DATE: 15-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Chief Financial Officer Job at (PITC)

Chief Financial Officer Job at (PITC)

Power Information Technology Company Lahore is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Chief Financial Officer in Lahore. The advertisement for this job was published in Daily Th ...
LAST DATE: 01-11-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Director Development Job at (ECP)

Director Development Job at (ECP)

Election Commission of Pakistan Islamabad is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Director Development in Islamabad. The advertisement for this job was published in Daily Jang ...
LAST DATE: 28-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Site Manager and System Engineer Job at (NDRA)

Site Manager and System Engineer Job at (NDRA)

National Database & Registration Authority Lahore is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Site Supervisor, Site Manager, System Engineer, Sweeper, Data Entry Operator/Interpre ...
LAST DATE: 08-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details
Senior Officer Taxation Job at Abacus Global

Senior Officer Taxation Job at Abacus Global

Abacus Global Islamabad is looking for an appropriate candidate for the position of Officer Audit and Compliance, Officer Internal Audit, Front Desk Officer and Senior Officer Taxation in Islamab ...
LAST DATE: 14-10-2022 00:00:00 | View Details

How to find jobs in Pakistan

There are many job websites that serve as database and search engine. Some of these job websites offer premiumfacility of cover letter writing and coaching for people who are interested in job searches. Job seekers can access these websites free of cost these websites help thousands of job seekers to get there dream jobs. Due to over population in the country, scare resources and poor governance has led to increase in unemployment. In Pakistan there are very limited jobs available right now so there is tough competition to get one and there are also limited websites to gain opportunity.

If you consider yourself to get one job than you need to see what next you need to do as getting job in Pakistan where unemployment rate is high so it quite tough job. It is big country with four provinces and many cities offering different types of employment opportunities so it is difficult to keep an eye on every job openings through newspaper in every city. But you need not to worry in the era of technology when you have internet facility you through different job websites can easily search job opening in all organization in different cities of Pakistan. You can easily find a job through this website by just one click. Through these websites you can easily find your dream job that will match your education and experience.

Job websites have been given a great importance in our society. Rozee websites is considered as one of the best websites in Pakistan that has multiple job opening vacancies nationwide. Many organizations have invested in this website. It is collaborative for employers and employees as well. Collaboration has been made through memorandum of understanding between rozee and HEC recognized university. Thus this website carries job vacancies of every field that are waiting for you to apply with just one click.

As it is one of the best website for job search you can search job in this website with simple easy steps in which you can create your CV or can post you CV and cansend CV to receptive you are interested for job. The search process is quite easy and simple just two questions skills, company location and job title you are interested in. below are some of the job website in Pakistan for unemployed person that provide daily job career opportunities.


Tips for applying online for job in Pakistan

As now many companies advertised their job opening on internet so it is important to know that how you can apply for a suitable job in Pakistan through internet. First of all search for job online that suits you’re qualification and experience. Every job application is different to other while applying but some features of applying for jobs in Pakistan remain similar. There are 4 basic things you need to have to apply for online job in Pakistan are:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Internet and
  • Email ID

Beloware some of the suggestions which you can consider while applying for a job in Pakistan online:

Update your resume-

Before applying online for job in Pakistan make necessary update in your resume if required and then prepare a cover letter according to the post advertised. Your resume must contain your contact details and full detail of education and experience history in the field. Save your resume with short title like your first or last name with current year as it will be easy for recruitment team to identify your resume you can create your resume through Google docs and later on save in Google drive and import it to the pdf when needed to apply for online jobs. Now you can upload your CV on online job platform to grasp an opportunity.

Update your CV on different job networking websites-

Some recruitment teams and companies prefer to look your cv on social networking platform rather going through your CV because they have same format for each profile so always make sure that you keep on updating your resume and make sure that you don’t post anything on your wall that can be hindrance for hiring teams to hire you. Always add a link of your website if you have any that includes sample of your work or review of your customers.

Use keywords:

Search for the job description of the job you are interested to apply and use those words in your resume it will help recruiter to easily scrutinize your CV. Even some companies uses applicant tracking system that help the recruitment teams to search for these keywords in applications so these key words will help you get through further process for example if in job description they describe they need a person with leadership skills you can state how you have used your leadership skills in your work previously by stating some of examples in your resume

Use company official website and job search engine to apply-

Many organization used job search engine to post their new job opening. You can easily search these job website for job by using filter like gender, type, salary, location and job position. Make a throughresearch to find your related jobs there are also platform for niche fields. If you are interested in a specific organization job you can simply see their official website for any job openings that are provided in career section. When you apply on their website the application go through a software applicant tracking system through which you can check the status of your application as many time you want to. The smaller companies may provide an email address where you can send your resume and cover letter.

Be selective-

always understand the job requirement of the job in Pakistan you are interested in applying if you are fulfilling all the requirement of the particular job you are interested in apply for those jobs that match your needs,goals, field and skill set by applying for selective post that match your skill set will save your time and money.

Always draft separate cover letter for each position-

your cover letter should address all job requirements and you should also highlight your achievement skills and experience.Keep your cover letter straight forward so recruiter interest is maintained.

Fill your application online completely-

register yourself with job websites or boards by simply creating your account. For this you need a login address and password. Create your account through your email address add your resume later. There are some websites that can automatically populates your application form from your CV than you only need to review the details whether they match your applications Always make sure that your responses arecompleted,accurate and error free- always recheck that your Reponses don’t have any grammar or spelling error. If you’re content is error free it will improve your chances of going to next stage.

Keep a track and follow up your job application-

always keep a record of job application so that whenever you receive a call from recruitment team you know that which job post they are referring to. Youcan also call and email the specific organization you have applied for job to check the status of your job.

Keep applying-

as getting a job takes timeeven after applying online and offline jobs networks. You can some time get job through your friends and family members for the posts that are unadvertised so keep applying on every platform it will help you to be success fully in getting one. 

How to prepare yourself for interview:

Before preparing yourself for interview thoroughly go through your qualification and needs of the position you’reapplying for. You can accomplish this goal by dong a little research about the company and job description of the specific post to be good fit for the company below are some of the steps that must be seen before going for specific interview

Go through the job description:

Employeeposted job description at time of advertisement it is guide for you at time of interview job description contain all details about the ideal candidate, qualification, experience and skill set. Try to align yourself with the job description the recruitment team provided

See why you are interviewing-

always prepare yourself that why you are best candidate for this role in their company and you should also know about why you need this job opportunity.

Give research about specific company and role-

always go through the company website or any other platform for searching about the specific organization as it will helpto build the context about your conservation in interview and will help you to prepare yourself for questions from interviewer. Always see about the product or Service Company is offering. Even if your role in company is not directly related to company product still go through it because you will now be the member of the teams. Always go through the products or services they are delivering. It is not necessary to go on every little detailing of technical products if you are applying for non-technical positions in the company but you must be familiar with basics.

Search about the company environment and culture-

as well known and famous companies discuss about their culture and environmentin their blogs and social media platforms. To know about company culture is important no matter how good a job opportunity you need to see whether you will adjust in specific values and culture or not.

Prediction about interview questions-

as you cannot predict every question of interview but still there are some questions for which you can prepare yourself like a brief introduction that tell about you what you do and what are your expectation from job. You can discuss about salary expectation if you areunfamiliar with it. Some of the common questions ask in interview are:

  • Why you want to work with our specific organization you can answer this question by learning about their products and services goals mission of the company you can answer this question by mention the aspect of company that attracts you and matches your career goals
  • Whatare your interests in this job role? This question is usually asked by recruiter to know about your jobs relevant skills you can choose a specific skill set like excel and focus your answer on it as it will help you to describe your skill and experience in comparison with role skill set
  • What is your greateststrength?You can tell about your technical and soft skill set in this question you can discuss your personal strengths as well

Always practice about your body language and voice before your interview-

as it has been said first impression is last impression so prepare your selfbefore interview. Be confident friendly and have strong speaking voice with open body language

Prepare some question for interviewer-

it will help your interviewer to know that you know about the company and you have already did a research about the company the question can be

  • What a specific day look in your company in that specific position?
  • What are specific qualities to be in that specific role?
  • What do you enjoy working here in that specific position?
  • What is next process of hiring?

Prepare yourself for mock interview-

preparing yourself for mock interview will help you to realize your stress and anxiety level before interview. It will also help you to boost your confidence. Preparing again is a tediousjob but it will be make more and more comfortable while interview process. You can prepare for mock interview with help of your friends and family but if they can’t help you can practice infront of mirror with loud voice.

Print your CV in hard form-

during selection process recruitment team may ask for digital form of resume but during interview it is difficult to get access to it so it is better to keep hard from of your resume. Keeping hard form of resume shows that you are well-prepared and well organized for your interview. You must have at least four copies three for interviewers and 1 for yourself. Get a read to your resume and try to prepare explanation for the gaps in or other odditiesin your resume. Try to be honest while replying to question instead of providing diplomatic answer.

Prepare yourself for travelling-

there are many issues for which you need to prepare yourself at time of interview but reaching your destination on time is also challenging  if you are travelling to completely a new place for interview than  it can be challengingand may cause anxiety and stress. So always leave early and prior with plenty of time so that you reach on time if you are lost or stuck in traffic. Even having plenty of time to reach your destination you also face difficulty to reach location in that situation keep the contact information that is provided by the recruitment coordinator and you can contact them and tell them about the issue you face. Always give a google map search your location as the interviews are scheduled and informed to candidates prior a week or days in advance so you have plenty of time search a location on Google maps.

Follow up after the interview-

once you are done with your interview now it is the time to get in contact with the employer for follow up. Doing this will help employer to know about you that you are interestedin specific post.

Best way to find a job

There are multiple ways to find a job through newspaper through internet or thorough company official website or subscribing to the job search engine via email. The best ways to get jobs are:


You can ask for referrals from your friends and family-

 if you want a job ask you family and friends if they can help you in the regard. Networking is best way to get job. Employer always wants a trusted person that he can easily get through referrals from already working employees. Try to build strong relationship with your networks so that whenever there is such opportunity they will remember you. You can also attend specific networking events related to your field like conferences seminars so that you get more social networking of your field.

Contact directly to your desired organization-

most of well-known companies have their official website you can visit them directly you can apply on their website on different job opening through website. If there are no job opening on their website than you can call them and ask them whether they have any job opportunity that matches your qualification skillset or experience

You can visit different job fairs-

job fairs are the events where companies officially visit to meetpotentialemployees for networking and sharing information these fair are organized by big companies to recruit large number of employees at one time or need to hire fresh graduates for job training program

Use job search platforms-

If you want to apply for number of jobs at one time efficiently and effectively than you can use such option you need to upload your resume and cover letter for applying for specific position. These websites allow you to search through keywords location and salary

 Use social media-

you can interact with different organization and can also use social media to search for different types of jobs. You can follow different companies’ pages on Facebook and instagramwhether they are from Pakistan or anywhere else in the world through social media you can easily interact with company and can also help you to know about different interest and working environment of the company

Contact with recruitment agencies-

you can contact the recruitment agencies if you are looking forward for any type of job openings you can register with different staffing agencies. Many agencies deal with specific industries and some deal with multiple industries you need to provide them with all copies of qualification and experience certificates. You need to clear the written test or interview of specific post.

Tips to write a perfect CV

Astudy identified that employer’s take less than 1 minute to decide through your CV whether to consider the CV for further consideration or not. Below we have described some good features of CV through which you can grasp attention of recruiters

  • Keep your CV Simple and short but pay attention to every little detail
  • As you want your CV to stand among other so be relevant about detailing you don’t need to put every detail make sure you add the experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Try to avoid expression in your CV words like team player and hardworking instead of these words you can use descriptive words.
  • Sometimes when you write things on your ownyou could not see your mistakes you can ask feedback of your CV from any of your family member or friends to provide you with relevant feedback on your CV.
  • Keep your CV short and don’t hesitate to delete irrelevant experience. There is no specific size people consider two page CV is the limit but it all depends on the seniority post you are applying for but mostly even for seniority post two page CV is considered best by recruiters.
  • Use auto correct feature because they will judge you if they find any mistakes in grammar and spellings
  • Make your CV look professional and polishedalways make your CV in such a way that it reflects you.
  • Don’t hesitate to give your personal information like if you are pregnant you can tell it people as they are aware that you may need maternity leave soon and they know men and women take time to spend it with their children.
  • It is not necessary to include picture but it can be problematic sometimes people may start evaluating on your look rather on your work.
  • You can include interesting hobbies that show a degree of dedication like team sports but avoid such sentences like I go out enjoy socializing these sentences only describe you as person
  • Anew concept of video CV is introduced that is used by younger creative personin thissituation choose your words wisely if you are saying you are creative you just don’t need to say it that you are creative you need to prove it through different examples from previous experiences.

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